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8 m3 Deep Dredging Sand Mining Dredger

8 m3 Deep Dredging Sand Mining Dredger

This Sand Mining Dredger was built in 1994/1995, the pontoon was built at the Oderwerft Eisenhuttenstadt, Germany Shipyard. Its Classification Society is GL (Germanischer Lloyd). The Dredger was used to dredge sand and gravel. The seller would prefer to sell the "whole dredger", but will consider selling the "naked" pontoon without the dredging equipment.

Located in Germany

Price on Request

Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built:      1994/1995
  Classification Society:                 GL (Germanischer Lloyd)
  Vessel Type: Floating Grab Dredger - non self-propelled
  Grab Capacity: 8 cubic meters 10 cubic yards
  Grab Depth: 50 m 164 feet
  Pontoon Length: 46.50 m 153 feet
  Pontoon Width: 16.00 m 52 feet
  Pontoon Height: 3.00 m 10 feet
Hoist Equipment
  2-Rope-Drum 2-Enginge Hoist
  Main Engines (2) The engines drive the Hoist:
  Make/Model: Daimler Benz / OM 442A
  Power: 240 kW x 2 322 hp x 2
  Hoist Gear: Stationary
  Maximum Hoist Weight: 30 tons
  Hoist speed is variable and depends of the revolution of the diesel engines.
  Maximum Hoist Speed Up Capacity: 75 m/second 246 feet/second
  Maximum Hoist Speed Down Capacity: 120 m/second 394 feet/second
  The grab can be lowered in “freefall” and produce energy via a “brake generator”.
Generator Set
  Make/Model: Daimler Benz / OM 444
  Power: 360 kW 483 hp
  Make/Model: A. van Kaick / DSG S2 L2-4
  Power: 530 kVA
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