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1,500 m3 New Build Trailing Suction Split Hopper Dredger

1,500 m3 New Build Trailing Suction Split Hopper Dredger

This is a 1,500 m3 New Build Trailing Suction Split Hopper Dredger is a kind of multi-purpose vessel very specialized over all in sand dredging, and also excellent for regeneration of beaches. It is able to carry out other type of maritime works, like landfills and others marine rearrangements. This vessel is classed by BV (Bureau Veritas) reached during construction and the Class Notation is BV I ✠ Hull * MACH Split Hopper Dredger, Unrestricted Navigation, dredging over 15 miles from shore.

Available domestic facilities for up to 14 crew members, all equipment - inclusive machinery refrigeration, etc.- have been sized for operating in tropical conditions with air temperature up to 40 degrees C and Engine Room temperature up to 50 degrees C. During dredging activity, it is able to load the hopper with sand with a mixture density of 1.200 kg/m3 in less than 90 minutes approximately, and unload it in less than 50 minutes approx.

Delivery depends on work in process, but usually 17-months, or 15-months with overtime.

Location: Spain

Price on Request

Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Classification Society/Notation: BV (Bureau Veritas),BV I ✠ Hull * MACH Split Hopper
    Dredger, Unrestricted Navigation, dredging over 15
    miles from shore.
  Length Over All: 77.70 m 255 feet
  Length Between Perpendiculars: 70.40 m 231 feet
  Beam: 14.00 m 46 feet
  Depth: 4.80 m 16 feet
  Draft (laden): 4.29 m 14 feet
  Gross Tonnage: 1,573 tonnes
  Full Load Displacement: 3,834 tonnes
  Dead Weight: 2,500 tonnes
  Hopper Capacity: 1,500 cubic meters 1,962 cubic yards
  Dredging Depth (up to): 30 m 98 feet
  Free Load Speed: 12 knots
  Fresh Water Capacity: 48 cubic meters 63 cubic yards
  Oil Capacity: 27 cubic meters 35 cubic yards
  Fuel (GO): 257 cubic meters 336 cubic yards
  Other Tanks: 25 cubic meters 33 cubic yards
  Accommodation: 14 persons
Machinery & Propulsion
  Main Engines (2):
    Make/Model: CAT / 3512C-HD
    Power @ 1,500 RPM: 1,408 kW x 2 1,888 hp x 2
  Bow Thruster:
    Type: Hydraulic
    Power: 250 kW 335 hp
  Main Generators:
    Make/Model: LEROY SOMMER (1,540 kVA)
    Power: 1,232 kW 1,652 hp
  Auxiliary Engine:
    Make/Model: CATERPILLAR / C18
    Power @ 1,500 RPM: 466 kW 625 hp
    Make/Model: LEROY SOMMER (562 kVA) Capacity
    Power @ 1,500 RPM: 438 kW 587 hp
  Generator Set - Port Services:
    Make/Model: CATERPILLAR / C4.4
    Power: 86 kW 115 hp
    Make/Model: LEROY SOMER (107 kVA - 400 V - 50 Hz)
Deck Machinery
  Deck Crane:
    Make/Model: GUERRA / M380 24A5,
    Capacity: 2 tons at 13,6 outreach
    Make/Model: MAN / H / H / 34 - S / 1
    Type: Three (3) Ibercisa Hydraulic Mooring Winches
  Rescue & Salvage:
    Make/Model: NARWHAL / SV 420
    Power: 30 kW 40 hp
  Radial Davit Rescue Boat:
    Make/Model: FERRI / SERIE 1872, TN 3919
    Type: 0.9 T at 4.4 m (14 ft.)
Dredging Equipment
  Dredge Pump:
    Make/Model: HRLD / 123-30-70
    Type: Single walled
    Power @ 413 RPM: 965 kW 1,294 hp


Driven by an electric AC asynchronous motor via frequency converter.
  Jet Water Pump:
    Make/Model: NIJHUIS / HGT1-350.500
    Type: Centrifugal
    Power: 500 kW 671 hp
    Jet Water Nozzles:: 48
    Dredging Capacity: 1,100 cubic meters/hr 1,439 cubic yards/hr


For Unloading Condition: 2,400 cubic meters (3,139 cubic yards) @ 6 bar
    Driven by an electric AC asynchronous motor via frequency converter.
  Dredge Pump Powering: ABB 4 poles asynchronous electric motor M3LP40LC4
    driven by ABB frequency converter ACS800-37-1430-3.
  Jet Water Pump Powering: ABB 4 poles asynchronous electric motor M3BP355
    driven by ABB ACS800-37-0640-3.
  Dredge Power Control System: ABB integrated control system of motor parameters
    (dredging/discharging modes) inclusive all protections
    and alarms. System is controlled from the Bridge Dredge
    station via Etelnet communication.
  Dredging Gantries: 3 off dredging gantries c/w swell compensator system.
  Trailing Suction Tube: Steel tube 700 mm (28 in.) diameter, length based
    in a standard dredging depth of 30 m (98 feet).
  Dredge Head: Californian type dredge head with over the fenders of
    about 2,240 mm (88 in.).
  Overflow: Adjustable overflow inner diameter movable part
    1,100 mm (43 in.).
  Bow Connection: A frame type for 10 bar pressure, 700 mm (28 in.) diameter
    and 15º angle, bend piece 135º and rainbow nozzle.
  Monitoring & Control System: Full version IHC DN700 Monitoring and Dredge Control System.
  The unloading of the material may be carried out in three ways:
  • One, with the opening of the hopper, in free fall, either instant or controlled.
  • The second one, with the dredge pump, through a floating pipe at minimum
    distance of 1,000 m (3,281 ft.) and normally over than 1,200 m (ft.) with a height
    difference of +10 m (33 ft.).
  • The third one, also with dredge pump, throwing the cargo through the rainbow
    nozzle installed in the bow.
Other Equipment
    Navigation Area: A3
  Hydraulic Pumps: 8 each
    Power: 160 kW x 3 215 hp x 3
    Power: 100 kW x 2 134 hp x 2
    Power: 11 kW x 2 15 hp x 2
    Power: 40 kW x 1 54 hp x 1
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