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MI Swaco Model 6T4 "D-Silter" Dewatering Unit

MI Swaco Model 6T4 "D-Silter" Dewatering Unit

This MI Swaco Model 6T4 "D-Silter" Dewatering Unit has proven to be an extremely effective, economical tool for removing virtually all silt particles larger than 25 microns from drilling fluid, some as small as 15 microns.

Located in Singapore

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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Make/Model: MI Swaco / 6T4
  Number of Clones: 12
  Length: 1,676.4 mm 66 inches
  Width: 762 mm 30 inches
  Height: 1,424.9 mm 56.1 inches
  Weight: 362.9 kg. 800 lbs.
  Capacity: 3,406.9 liters/min 900 gallons/min
  High Performance:
    The D-Silter unit provides a range of capacities from 600 to 1,500 GPM
    (2,271.2 to 5,678.1 L/min).
  Innovative Design:
    The exclusive twin-clone design consist of two, 4-inch (101.6 mm) sturdy
    polyurethane cyclones mounted as a single unit. The feature results in a
    40 to 50% greater capacity than other comparable 4-inch (101.6 mm) cyclones.
    The unit also features a unique 20 degree taper angle compared to the typical
    15 degree taper of most other units, resulting in a much lower percentage of
    Mud lost to underflow.
    Sturdy polyurethane clones provide long in-service life.
  Increases Drilling Rates:
    By removing silt particles to 25 microns, the D-Silter unit effectively reduces mud
    weight in the system, thus increasing effective drilling rates.
    Reducing the solids content of the drilling fluid decreases the filter cake, minimizing
    the chance of stuck pipe.
  Minimizes Downtime:
    The exclusive MI Swaco twin-clone design allows easy change out and minimizes
    downtime due to wear on pumps and downstream processing equipment.
  Twin Clones Provide 40 to 50% Greater Capacity:
    The MI Swaco D-Silter features the exclusive twin-clone design, providing two
    40-inch (101.3 mm) polyurethane cyclones per outlet, resulting to 40 to 50%
    more processing capacity with less fluid loss than comparable single-unit 4-inch
    (101.6 mm) clones.
    The clones, made of sturdy polyurethane for long in-service life, feature a unique
    20 degree taper angle (compared to the 15 degree taper angle on most other
    units) that minimizes fluid loss.
    The Mi Swaco D-Silter is an integral part of high-performance mud cleaners. When
    combined with an MI Swaco high-performance shale shaker, the D-Silter helps to
    control drilled solids and retain barite.
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