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3 m3 Excavator Dredger w/ Digview System

3 m3 Excavator Dredger w/ Digview System

This 3 m3 Excavator Dredger w/ Digview System was 1969 by the Grave B.V., Grave Shipyard and was refit-converted in 2012. Its Class Notation is I - Hull-Pontoon-No Propulsion-Coastal area. The Digview System is present however requires repair. The vessel is for sale in working condition and includes three hydraulic clamshells.

Flag: Sultanate of Oman

Located in Oman

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USD 535,000
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USD 535,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built/refit-converted: 1969/2012
  Class Notation: I - Hull-Pontoon-No Propulsion-Coastal area.
  Sailing area-Unmanned Transport: Within 30 miles from shore & 6 hours from safe
  Dredging area-Manned operation: Within 15 miles from shore & 6 hours from safe
  Minimum Safe Manning: 30 miles - unmanned only
  Minimum Safe manning: 15 miles - 2
  Length Over All: 36.60 m 120 feet
  Length Between Perpendiculars: 33.00 m 108 feet
  Beam Over All (including fenders): 12.70 m 42 feet
  Molded Beam: 11.80 m 39 feet
  Molded Depth: 2.20 m 7 feet
  Draft (light ship weight): 1.01 m 3 feet
  Draft (Int. Freeboard): 1.33 m 4 feet
  Height (vessel above bottom of keel): 10.50 m 34 feet
    (crane boom & spuds down)
  GRT/NRT: 232/69
  Light Ship Weight (including crane): 361 tons
  Dead Weight (Int. Freeboard): 127 tons
  Displacement (Int. Freeboard): 488 tons
  Persons - Lifesaving Equipment: 4
Bunker Capacities
  Marine Gas Oil: 10.5 cubic meters 14 cubic yards
  Fresh Water: 5.0 cubic meters 6.5 cubic yards
  Fuel Type Engines: MGO (DMA)
Dredging & Anchoring Capacities
  Dredging Depth (normal & max.) 11.50 m 38 feet
  Dredging/Barge Loading System: Ringer Crane. Pedestal mounted
  S.W.L. Min. Reach: 6.0/10.0 m (20/33 feet) 8.5 tons
  S.W.L. Max. Reach: 22.0/10.0 m (72/33 feet) 8.5 tons
  Anchoring System: 2 spuds
  Mooring System: 6 anchors
  Spud Length: 2 x 18.26 m 2 x 60 feet
  Winch Generator Engine:
    Make/Model: Cummins/6 B5.9G
    Power: 59 kW 79 hp
    Make/Model: Iveco/806 1 L 06
    Power: 48 kW 64 hp
  Emergency Generator Engine:
    Make/Model: Lombardini/LDW1204
    Power: 10 kW 13 hp
  Spud Winches: 2 x 1 Drum Winch - 15 tons/drum
  Mooring Winch: 1 x 8 Drum Winch - 5 tons/drum
  Crane Type: Hydraulic Ringer Crane
  Make/Model: EK HAM001/8.5x22.6/8
  Building Co.: Sobemai N.V., Belgium
  Weight: 109 tons
  Crane Engine:
    Make/Model: Caterpillar/3306 DI-T
    Power: 157 kW 211 hp
  Boom Length: 11.00 m 36 feet
  Max. Lifting Speed (variable): 60.0 m/min. 197 m/feet
  Max. Swing Speed (variable): 2.3 RPM
  Digview System: Yes
  Dredge Clamshell Capacity: 2.5 cubic meters 3 cubic yards
  Rock Clamshell Capacity: 3.0 cubic meters 4 cubic yards
  Dredge Clamshell Capacity: 3.0 cubic meters 4 cubic yards
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