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500 L, 200 m3/hr Bucket Ladder Dredger

500 L, 200 m3/hr Bucket Ladder Dredger

This 500 L, 200 m3/hr Bucket Ladder Dredger was built in 1970 in the Netherlands and rebuilt in Lebanon in 2013. Its Classification Society and Notation is IRS (Indian Register of Shipping), ISER0 Dredger *IM. This dredger is suitable for dredging cohesive silt, sand, soft to stiff clay and acceptable for dredging loose silt, loose rocks, pre-treated rocks and very weak rocks. Its actual production rate varies from 100 to 200 m3/hr (1,600 to 3,200 m3/day based on 16 effective hr/day) depending on type of soil, dredge master experience and actual site and operation conditions.

Flag: Lebanon

Location: East Mediterranean

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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year of Build:

I.H.C. Holland, 1970/Lebanon 2013

  Classification Society/Notation: IRS (Indian Register of Shipping), ISER0 Dredger *IM
  Hull Material: Steel
  Length Over All: 46.50 m 153 feet
  Beam: 9.95 m 33 feet
  Depth: 3.25 m 11 feet
  Draft: 2.10 m 7 feet
  GRT/NRT: 520/318
Bucket, Production Rates & Dredging Capacities
  Bucket Capacity: 500 liters 0.65 cubic yards
  Production Rate (varies): 100 to 200 cubic meters/hr 131 to 262 cubic yards/hr
    Based on 16 effective hr/day: 1,600 to 3,200 cubic meters/day 2,093 to 4,185 cubic yards/day
      Depending on type of soil, dredge master experience and actual
      site and operation conditions.
  Dredging depth: 20.00 m 66 feet
    with extended ladder: 23.00 m 75 feet
  Number of Main Engines/Propellers: None
  It moves with TUG assistance.
  Total Power: 671 kW 900 hp
Main Parts & Equipment
  Under Deck including:
    General machinery compartment with electrical motors, pumps, electrical switchboard & other
    service equipment.
  Engine compartment includes 3 diesel generators:
    Make/Model: Caterpillar / D 353
    Power @ 1,200 RPM: 400 kW 535 hp
    Make/Model: Caterpillar / D 342
    Power @ 1,200 RPM: 180 kW 240 hp
    Make/Model: Caterpillar / D 330
    Power @ 1,200 RPM: 89 kW 120 hp
  Workshop compartment with a wide range of machineries & tools.
  Spare parts compartment with wide range of various accessories.
  Above Deck including:
    Two twin drums aft anchor mooring winches.
    Two side anchor mooring winches.
    Central crew service compartment.
    Electrical room.
    Store locker.
    Two service cranes.
    Conveyor boom with dredging & moving drums.
  Upper¬≠ structure central compartment includes a captain office, a common quarter, a crew section,
  kitchen, shower & toilet.
  Upper ¬≠structure forward compartment includes a common room and bucket conveyor hoisting winch.
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