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20-inch Pump - Metso-Thomas XM500 plus XM500 and XM300 spares

20-inch Pump - Metso-Thomas XM500 plus XM500 and XM300 spares

This listing is for a 20-inch, Metso-Thomas XM500 Pump plus mostly new and unused spares for XM500 and XM300.

Location: Australia

Special Lot Price: AUD 132,000 for all

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AUD 78,000
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USD 55,319
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Technical Details

Centrifugal Pump
  Make/Model: Metso-Thomas / XM500
  Part Number: ACFP01
  Price: AUD 78,000
Metso XM500 Spare Parts
  Casing, XM500 Pump:
    Part Number: PDCH5959
    Price: AUD 22,500
  Impeller, XM500:
    Part Number: 588659R
    Price: AUD 7,200
  Door Inlet, XM500
    Part Number: SA501007-1
    Price: AUD 7,200
  Backline Metso, XM500
    Part Number: PDCH6199
    Price: AUD 7,200
  Bearing Assy Cartridge, XM500
    Part Number: KS-PR03-DF
    Price: AUD 5,000
  Flange, Inlet Metso, XM500
    Part Number: PD780020
    Price: AUD 725
Metso MM300 Spare Parts
  Pump without Casing x 2
    Make/Model: Metso / MM300
    Price: AUD 7,200 each
  Casing Metso, MM300 x 4
    Part Number: PD712010
    Price: AUD 12,000 each
  Bearing Assy Cartridge, MM300
    Part Number: KS-PR03-GF
    Price: AUD 1,650
  Impeller, MM300 x 2
    Part Number: PD771047
    Price: AUD 3,350 each
  Stuffing Box, Full Flow
    Part Number: SA500655-1
    Price: AUD 1,150
Minor Parts Available
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