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18-inch Cutter Suction Dredge with Optional Traveling Spud

18-inch Cutter Suction Dredge with Optional Traveling Spud

This Dredge is custom 20"x18" cutter suction dredge built in 2012 by CDW (Custom Dredge Works). This dredge is ideal for inland lakes and river maintenance dredging projects. Coupled with an idler barge this dredge is almost 200' long and can reach extremely high production rates. It is equipped with state of the art dredge operating systems, flow monitoring, density monitoring, and onboard cameras.

To date this dredge has only been on three projects, all of which have been in fresh water. The dredge is in normal operating condition and the engines were rebuilt at CAT engine rebuilder shop in 2016. The dredge pump was installed new in March of 2017. This dredge is unique in that you can install either a Pearce 18x18x40 pump or a 20x18x46 pump depending on the project, the desired flow rate/production, and the client’s interest.

An optional idler barge is also part of this package. The idler barge is over 80' long and includes a carriage spud system with a 12' stroke. This unique setup allows for maximum dredge efficiency and optimal production. The dredge itself is portable and takes 7 loads to move from site to site. There is also 5,000 LF of 22” SDR 13.5 HDPE pipe (18.5” ID) that matches the dredge and can be sold as part of the package or separately.

Can be purchased en bloc or separte with 22-inch SDR 13.5 HDPE Pipe, listed as 170922-PP.

Location: Missouri

Price on Request

Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built: 2012
  Hull Length: 29 m 94 feet
  Hull Width: 8.4 m 27.6 feet
  Hull Height: 1.524 m 5 feet
  Dredging Depth: 14 m 45 feet
Side Pontoons (Overall)
  Length: 29 m 94 feet
  Width: 2.44 m 8 feet
  Beam: 1.524 m 5 feet

The cab is elevated and air conditioned for ultimate comfort.

  Main Engine:
    Make/Model: CAT / C32
    Power: 970 kW 1300 hp
  Auxiliary Engine:
    Make/Model: CAT / C9
    Power: 298 kW 400 hp
  Generator Set:
    Make: CAT
    Power: 100 kW 134 hp
Dredging Installation
  Pump Option #1:
    Make: Pearce
    Dimensions: 508 mm x 457 mm x 1168 mm 20 inch x 18 inch x 46 inch
  Pump Option #2:
    Make: Pearce
    Dimensions: 457 mm x 457 mm x 1016 mm 18 inch x 18 inch x 40 inch
Deck Equipment
    Length: 17 m 55 feet
  22-inch HDPE SDR 13.5 Pipe (Included):
    Amount Available: 1,524 m 5,000 feet
    Pipe OD: 559 mm 22 inches
    Pipe ID: 470 mm 18.5 inches
    Min. Wall Thickness: 41.40 mm 1.630 inches
    Weight per foot: 21 kg 45.46 pounds
  Idler Barge (Included):
    Length: 24.4 m 80 feet
  Spud System:
    Stroke: 4 m 12 feet
Inventory Included
  "DredgeMaster" State of the Art Dredge Operating Computer System
  Flow Meter
  Nuclear Density Meter to document production rates in real time.

5 x solid state LED running lights strategically placed throughout the dredge for continuous operations day or night.

  Onboard Cameras
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