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24-inch Electric Powered Cutter Suction Dredger

24-inch Electric Powered Cutter Suction Dredger

This listing is for a 24-inch Electric Powered Cutter Suction Dredger that was built in Australia to a Dutch MTE design which is based on their standard BEAVER type Dredger. This is an electric powered dredger, and requires electrical power from the shore or a separate generator barge to operate. Many substantial modifications to the Beaver design have been made to suit this particular duty as well as local conditions. This dredger is capable of mining up to 3,500-TPH under ideal conditions with an operational weight of 450-tonnes.

Location: New Zealand
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NZD 530,000
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USD 363,014
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 47-m 154-feet
  Pontoon Length: 39-m 128-feet
  Beam Aft: 9-m 30-feet
  Beam Fwd: 12-m 39.4-feet
  Depth of Hull: 2.8-m 9-feet
  Draft (w/ Ladder Lowered): 1.6-m 5.3-feet
  Freeboard: 1.1-m 4-feet
  Ladder Length: 20.7-m 68-feet
  Ladder Weight: 107-tonnes
  Dredge Empty Weight: 450-tonnes
  Dredge Operating Weight: 500-tonnes
Dredging Capacities
  Max. Dredging Depth: 15.2-m 50-feet
  Max. Dredging Depth: 2.5-m 8.2-feet
  Dredge Output: 3,500 TPH
  Dredge Pump:
    Power (2 Motors): 750 kW x 2 1,006 hp x 2
    Discharge Diameter: 610-mm 24-inches
  Hydraulic Pump Units:
    Power (3 Motors): 250 kW x 3 335 hp x 3
  Hydraulic Booster Pumps (3):
    Power: 17 kW x 3 23 hp x 3
  Hydraulic Emergency Pumps (2):
    Power: 7.5 kW x 2 10 hp x 2
  Monitor Pump Motor:
    Power: 250 kW 335 hp
Machinery and Propulsion
  Main Engine:
    Power: 2,566 kW 3,441 hp
  Type: Basket
  Power: 443 kW 594 hp
Spare Dredge Parts
  1 x Hydraulic Power Pack
  1 x Hydraulic Cylinder
  2 x Gearboxes
  5 x Sheaves
  1 x Boom Ram
  Full Box of Cutter Teeth
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