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10-inch, IMS 4010 Horizontal Cutter Dredging Package

10-inch, IMS 4010 Horizontal Cutter Dredging Package

This listing is for a 10-inch, IMS 4010 Horizontal Cutter Dredging Package. The 10-inch, IMS 4010 Horizontal Cutter Dredge was built in 1990.

Location: State of Washington, USA
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USD 245,000
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USD 245,000
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Technical Details

  Year Built: 1990
  Make/Model: IMS / 4010
  Discharge Diameter: 254 mm 10 inches
  Main Engine:
    Make/Model: 5.9 Cummins
  New Pumps:
    Runtime Hours: < 500 hours
Dredging Equipment
  Extra 5.9 Engine
  1 x 8-foot Auger
  1 x 12-foot Auger Head
  1 x 8-foot Spike Head (Hard Digging)
  1,500-feet x 12-inch HDPE Dredge Pipe
  2,500-feet x 10-inch HDPE Dredge Pipe
  500-feet of 10-inch Soft Line (with Fittings)
  Extra 12-inch Fittings
  Extra 10-inch Fittings
  Extra Floats
  Extra Frame
  Extra Hydro Pumps
  Muffin Monster Grinder - 3,000 GPM - 10-inch/6-inch Mounts
  40-foot Flat Bed Trailer - For Dredge
  40-foot Dry Van Trailer - With Pipe
  40-inch Job Shack Trailer - With Parts
  Microwave Oven
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