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12-inch Electric Powered Dredger

12-inch Electric Powered Dredger

This listing is for a 12-inch electric driven demountable mining/cutter dredge completely overhauled in 2018. Electric power supply (mid voltage 10,000V) is from shore by grit or generator (minimum 1250 kva).

The dredger very robust, road transportable and capable of a wide range of activities like maintenance dredging, sand and gravel mining.

Location: England

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Technical Details

  Length Over All: 23 m 75.5-feet
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 23 m 75.5-feet
  Width: 6.7 m 22-feet
  Draft: 1.1 m 3.6-feet
  Airdraft (above water level) 7.5 m 24.6-feet
Power Supply needed on the dredger
  Mid Voltage 10,000 V / 1250 kva  
  Type Vosta 5 blade with demountable teeth
  Motor: 90 kW 121 hp
Dredge Pump  
  Make/Model: Weir Minerals/Warman 14-12
  Electric Submersible Motor: 550 kW 740 hp
  Discharge Diameter: 305 mm 12-inch
Jet Pump    
  Power: 90 kW 121 hp
  Flow Rate: 6 bar - 300 m3/h  
Dredging Capacity  
  Dredging Depth - sand mining: Up to 20 m
with extensions up to 27 m
Up to 65-feet
with extensions up to 89-feet
  Dredging Depth - sand cutter dredge: Up to 16 m Up to 52-feet
Pipelines - Steel suction 350 350 mm 14-inch
Transport volume (dredge only) 9 trucks  
Spud Poles (during cutter operation) 2 spud poles  
General Description

The dredger is in general a catamaran dredger. It consists in four side pontoons, two by two. In between the pontoons is the ladder mounted with submersible pump unit. All pontoons are made of steel and strengthened with beams and stringers which are welded through. On top of the pontoons is a 40ā€¯container with all electric switches and transformers. In frond of the container the swing- and hoisting winches are located.

On top of the container the operator cabin is located so there is a very good view on the dredging job.
The operator cabin has all required control units for operating the dredger.

The submersible dredging pump is on the ladder mounted in combination with the electric motor. In this way you can reach a larger dredging depth and still have a very good production.

All side pontoons has storage rooms.

The dredger can be equipped as a mining dredger with a suction head with a jet system. In this case the dredger locate itself in the dredging aria with the use of wires on each corner.

The dredger can also equipped as a cutter dredger with electric driven cutter unit for maintenance or hard material dredging. The famous brand VOSTA cutter have 5 blades with demountable cutter teeth on each blade. When we use the machine as a cutter dredger we mount two spud poles on the back of each pontoon to have a more fixed position on the working aria.

In front of the operating cabin placed on a frame 6 hydraulic winches for the PS- and SB side wires and the Ladder hoisting wires. We use the rear winches for cutter operations to operate the spud poles.

In the front end of the site pontoons the A-frame is located. The deck crane is integrated in the A-frame we use these mostly to maintain the dredge pump.

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