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8m3 Clamshell Dredge, 2 Split Hopper Barges and Tug

8m3 Clamshell Dredge, 2 Split Hopper Barges and Tug

This set can be sold without commitment or can include a guaranteed contract of 225,000 m3 per year for 5-years for harbor improvements in the Dominican Republic. The dredge grabs are both 8m3 with one 20 ton and the other 16 ton. The 2 split hopper barges each have capacity of 900m3. The tug has total power of 1000 hp with twin screw propulsion.

The dredge has accommodations for 12 crew in single and double cabins.

Equipment is also available for purchase as individual pieces. Individual equipment prices available on request.

Location: Caribbean

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USD 4,000,000
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Technical Details

8m3 Clamshell Dredge with 2 Grabs
  Built Year / Place: 1992 / China
  Length Overall: 41.80 m 137-feet
  Beam: 18.90 m 62-feet
  NT/GT: 352/678  
  Deck Load: 125 tons  
  Clams (2)
    Clam 1: 8 m3 / 20 ton
    Clam 2: 8 m3 / 16 ton
    Make/Model:  1 x 850 Mitsubishi 12 cil S12A2-MPT
  Anchoring System: 4 anchors and 4 winches
    Fuel Total : 78 m3 20605 gal
    Fresh Water: 165.5 m3 43720 gal
900 m3 Split Hopper Barge (2 Sisters)
  Year Built: 1991
  Length Overall: 49.92 m 164-feet
  Beam: 12.40 m 41-feet
  Height: 4.70 m 15.4-feet
  NT/GT: 342/678  
  Hopper Capacity: 900m3 1177 yd3
  Hopper Opening: 2.86 m 9-feet
  Hydraulic Power Pack: Hidromatik A4VO 130 LR/10R.
1,000 hp Twin Screw Coastal Towing Tug
  Year Built: 1981
  Length Overall: 19.60 m 64-feet
  Beam: 7.31 m 24-feet
  Height: 3.04 m 10-feet
  NT/GT: 98/148  
  Machinery and Propulsion    
    Main Engine (2): Cummins KTA19-M3
    Power: 2 x 373 kw 2 x 500 hp
    Generators (2): Cummins 4BT3
    Power: 2 x 30 kw 2 x 40 hp
    Fuel Total Capacity: 64.4 m3 17000 gal
    Fresh Water: 26.5 m3 7000 gal
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