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IMS 7012 - 12-inch Horizontal Dredger for Rebuilding

IMS 7012 - 12-inch Horizontal Dredger for Rebuilding

A complete auger dredge package, featuring a 2015 model IMS 7012HP Versi Dredge. This unit has only about 400 hours total time. The dredging dept is 9.1 m (30-ft), suction diameter is 304 m (12-inches) and discharge diameter is 254 m (10-inches). Pump performance is 315 liter/sec@38 m (5,000 GPM/sec@125-ft). Engine to be overhauled.

Location: West Africa
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Flotation: Pontoons  
  Length Over All: 15.70 m 51.5-ft
  Width: 3.66 m 12-ft
  Height: 3.20 m 10.5-ft
  Draft: 0.914 m 3-ft
  Displacement: 27,400 kg 60,500 lbs
  Weight (less fuel): 21,636 kg 47,700 lbs
  Make/Model: John Deere Diesel/6135HF070(6 cylinder - 13.5L)
  Power @ 2,100 RPM: 317 kW 425 hp
  Fuel Capacity:    1,516 liters 400 gallons
  Fuel Consumption:    79.4 liters/hr 0.6 gallons/hr
  STARWHEEL® Drive Self-Propulsion system; cable drive optional
  STARWHEELs® are individually operated for high maneuverability
  Speed: variable  
  Starwheel Drive: 0 to 15 rpm  
  Cable Drive: 0 to 55 fpm  
Hydraulic Systems
  Circuit #1: Slurry Pump; 7.9 in/rev. 80 gpm (5.05 liter/sec.) @ 5,500 psig
  Circuit #2: Cutter head, Boom, Winches and STARWHEELs, 7.9 in3/rev. load sense, 72 gpm (4.54 liter/sec.) @ 2,500 psig
  Reservoir: 454 liters 120 gallons
  Filtration: 1 tank mounted return filter with a 10 micron (min.) rating with indicator & cab warning light. Slurry pump circuit remote chargefilter 6-micron (min.) rating with an indicator and cab warning light. Filter with water removal capability is optional.
  Dredging Depth: 9.10 m 30-ft
  Discharge Diameter: 254 mm 10-in
  Suction Diameter: 304 mm 12-in
  Impeller Diameter: 660 mm 26-in
  Sphere Passage: 127 mm 5-in
  Pump Performance: 315 liter/sec@38 m 5,000 GPM/sec@125-ft
  Width: 3430 mm 135-in
  Depth: 660 mm 26-in
  Drive: Recessed dual hydraulic motor; direct drive with no gear reduction
  Speed (variable): 0 to 95 rpm @ 2,500 psi
  Torque: 6,885 in-lbs (2,969 N-m) @ 2500 psi (peak)
  Cutter Tip Force: 1,837 lbs. (8,171 N)
  Electronic joystick controls are provided in a climate controlled cab.
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