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6-inch Remote Controlled Electric Powered Dredge, Mud Cat 50E

6-inch Remote Controlled Electric Powered Dredge, Mud Cat 50E

EDT has designed the Mud Cat™ product line to allow for remote control of the dredging operation via a portable hand-held transmitter called RADIO REMOTE SENSE™ (RMS). The hand-held transmitter may be operated more than 1,000 feet from the dredging unit. The dredge has been serviced by Mud Cat in WI. Dredge has 206.8 hrs & includes 500 ft of power cable & 30 pipe/hose floats. The MC-50E can be transported anywhere in a 40 ft. container.

Location: state of Wisconsin, USA

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USD 130,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 8.5 m 28-ft
  Width Over All: 2.5 m 8-ft 2-in
  Height Over All: 2.1 m 6-ft 10-in
  Weight (dry): 3,266 kg 7,200 lbs
  Draft: 0.4 m 16 in
  Manufacturer: Mud Cat
  Pontoons (2)    
    Diameter: 0.7 m 28-in
    Length: 7.3 m 24-ft
    Steel gauge: 3.4 mm 10 guage
Cutter Assembly
  Mud Shield: Semi-enclosed; anti-turbidity
  Drive System: Single low speed, high torque motor / gearbox
  Auger Diameter (without cutter knives): 254 mm 10-in
  Auger Diameter (with cutter knives): 387 mm 15.25-in
  Auger Pitch: 228 mm 9-in
  Auger Flighting: 9.5 mm 3/8-in
  Speed: fixed at 60 RPM
  Cutter Knives: Detachable heat-treated blades
  Auger Torque: 6,000 in-lbs. (680 N-m)
Working Capacity
  Cut (width): 2.3 m 7-ft 6-in
  Operating Depth: 5.2 m 17-ft
Slurry Pump - submersible with cast iron volute and impeller.
  Power (electric driven): 50 HP (37 kW) submersible slurry pump with high chrome 650 Brinell volute and impeller
  Centrifugal Dual Vane Impeller:     76 mm 3-in
  Suction Diameter: 152.4 mm 6-in
  Discharge Diameter: 101.6 mm 4-in
  Nominal Pump Performance: 1200 GPM (272 m3/hr) against 60 ft (18.3 m) head Up to 74 yds3/hr (57 m3/hr) of production at 30% solids content.
  Double sheave hydraulic-driven winch: 254 mm 10-in
  Traverse Speed (maximum forward & reverse): 0 - 9.4 m/min 0 - 30 FPM
  Average Cutting Speed: 2.4 - 3.7 m/min 8 - 12 FPM
  Wire Rope Diameter: 9.5 mm 3/8-in
Ladder Hoist
  Winch Type: Hydraulic  
  Max. Line Pull 17.8 kN 4,000 lbs
Hydraulic Power Unit
  Power (electrical-driven): 15 kW 20 hp
  Circuit One: Auger, Travel, and Hoist Winch
Control System

Wireless Radio Remote Control

    Slurry Pump - On / Speed    
    Auger - On  
    Hoist - Up / Off / Down  
    Travel - Fwd / Off / Reverse / Speed
Electrical System
  Electrical Requirement: 460 V - 3 Phase - 60 Hz - 92 Full Load Amperage
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