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700 mm (28-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

700 mm (28-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

This Cutter Suction Dredger was rebuilt in 2008. It has an overall length of 75.5m and a hull length of 54m. Structural weight is 1700t. The dredger has a maximum dredging depth of 45m and cutter head dredging depth of 22.5m. Suction pipe is 700mm and discharge is 700/800mm. It has 2 spuds with lengths of 51m each. Recently renewed the 5 years class and all documents are fresh till 2026.

Location: Black Sea

Price on request

Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Classification Society:                 GL (Germanischer Lloyd) +100 A 4 dredge
  Length Over All: 75.50 m 248 feet
  Hull Length: 54.01 m 177 feet
  Beam (fore): 19.43 m 64 feet
  Molded Depth: 4.20 m 14 feet
  Working Draft: 3.00 m 10 feet
  Gross Tonnage: 855 cubic meters 1,118 cubic yards
  Net Registered Tonnage: 610 cubic meters 798 cubic yards
  Structural Weight: 1,700 tonnes
Spuds (2)
  Spud Carriage: 5.8 m 19 feet
  Length: 51 m 167 feet
Dredging Equipment & Capacity
  Deep Suction Attachment
  Dredging Depth (Max): 45 m 148 feet
  Jet Water (Power): 1,825 kW 2,447 hp
Machinery & Power
  Diesel Engine for Cutter Head without Jet water and Winches:
    Power: 1,825 kW 2,447 hp
    Generator Power: 1337 kW 1793 hp
    Auxiliary Generator Power: 188 kW 252 hp
    Dredge Pump: 2,400 kW 3218.5 hp
    Booster Pump: 1,473 kW 1975 hp
    Submerged Pump: 1,825 kW 2,447 hp
  Suction Pipe: 700 mm 28 inches
  Discharge Pipe: 700/800 mm 28/31 inches
Cutter Head        
  Cutting Power: 800 kW 1072.8 hp
  Cutter Head Dredging Depth: 22.50 m 74 feet
  Spud Carriage Crowding: 5.30 m 17 feet
  Working Speed: L-32 m / 33 t
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