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10-inch Articulated Ladder Dredger - Amphibex AE450E

10-inch Articulated Ladder Dredger - Amphibex AE450E

The Amphibex is mainly an amphibious excavator. The Amphibex AE450E was built with versatility in mind for operations incorporating preventive ice breaking, private and municipal intakes / outfalls placement and mainly environmental restorations and aquatic plants control. The maximum length of the machine is 11m, with an approximate working weight of 22 metric tons. Its approximate speed on water (with the propeller) is 5 to 8 knots. The transport length, width and height are 12.85m, 3.5m and 3.2m respectively.

The sale will include the Topcon GPS system that is installed on the machine. Everything in the pictures will be included in the sale including the Sea container full or spare parts. The machine currently has 680 hours and touch up painting has been done since it was last landed.

Location: Canada

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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built: 2021  
  Length (Max): 11 m 36-ft 4-in
  Length (Transport): 14.85 m 45-ft 10-in
  Width (Transport): 3.5 m 11-ft 6-in
  Height (Transport): 3.2 m 10-ft 6-in
  Weight (working):   22 tons
  Sailing Speed: 5 to 8 knots  
Working Range
  Max Diggin Depth (straight boom): 5.35 m 17-ft 6-in
  Max Diggin Depth (curve boom): 6.35 m 20-ft 10-in
  Min Digging Depth: 0 m 0
  Max. Cutting Height: 7.90 m 25-ft 9-in
  Max. Dumping Height: 5.60 m 18-ft 4-in
  Max Digging Radius: 8.40 m 27-ft 6-in
  Max Fixing Depth: 6.94 m 22-ft 8-in
Power System Engine
  Make/Model: Caterpillar / C9 Diesel
  Cylinders: 6
  Aspiration: Turbocharged for ATAAC
  Cooling System Water cooled with pull fan 30’’
  Maximum power 350 HP @ 1800-2200 rpm
  Maximum torque 1225 / 1557 Nm at 1400 rpm
  Emissions EPA 3 and EURO III requirements
  Fuel tank capacity 1200 L 317 Gal
Hydraulic Components
  1 load sensing hydraulic pumps 75 cc/rev maximum working pressure 300 bar
  1 closed loop for the propeller 100cc/rev – max. working pressure 420 bar
  3 variable displacement pumps 55 cc/rev Maximum working pressure 420 bar
  Hydraulic oil vegetable base SHELL HF-E 46 biodegradable
  Exterior network pipe for material and water transportation , SAE 250 and SAE 300 with Aluminum mounting flanges (SAE 250 and SAE 300) connected to float pipes

Body corrosion resistant hull divided in nine watertight compartments.

  2 rear stabilizers equipped with hydraulic tilting cylinders. Depth control by means of hydraulic cylinder .Square section 8’’ (203 mm) 30’ (9.15m) length.
  2 front stabilizers equipped with outrigger tilting cylinders. Depth control by means of hydraulic cylinder.
  2 Side pontoon
  Propulsion system 1 propeller with hydraulically controlled height.
  Horizontal suction pump bucket (dredge). This system is it equipped with two hydraulic pumps, horizontal cutter
  Bucket conventional 800 L 1 yd3
  Rake for Vegetation (width): 3 m 9.84-ft
  Slurry Flow Meter
  Slurry Pressure Meter  
Horizontal Suction Dredge Suction Pump
  Suction Diameter: 203 mm 2 x 8-inch
  Discharge Diameter: 250 mm 10-inch
  Impeller Diameter: 381 mm 15-inch
  Maximum Discharge:

585 m³/h slurry at 20% dry solid (100 m³/h dry solid ) at 10 m water column

  Distance Discharge (water) 1100 m 3608-ft
  Distance Discharge (20% solid) 1000 m 3281-ft
Horizontal Suction Dredge Suction Pump
  The horizontal auger is powered by two direct drive hydraulic motor and has 31 replaceable hard cutter teeth direction of rotation clockwise or counterclockwise
  Maximum Cutter Speed: 157 rpm  
  Maximum Cutter Torque: 3390 Nm  
Propulsion System
  The Amphibex AE450E is equipped with a 19 inches propeller that allows a maximum speed of approximately 6 knots. This propeller can also be lifted for work in shallow waters
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