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Multi-Purpose Dredge

Multi-Purpose Dredge

This is a New Build and the vessel is great for the following uses:

  • for suction dredging, bucket dredging and clearing works
  • optimal configuration of power and hydraulic unit (less operating costs)
  • double powerful auger drive (infinitely for- and backwards)
  • high working range of the outrigger arm
  • four hydraulic rams for high stability and useful for loading and de-loading of the boat
    (rams can be swiveled back upon the pontoons by hydraulic rams)
  • wide drivers cab with co driver seat
  • operating elements clearly arranged and adjustable to operators seat
  • safety according to European-standards

The following implements can also be purchased separately (Please see photos):
Prices Available On Request:

  • Suction Cutter Head
  • Dredging Bucket
  • Backhoe Dipper
  • Gripper
  • Sludge Milling Screw
  • Service Crane

Located in Europe

Price on Request

Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
Hull Size
  (Length x Width x Height): 10.50 x 3.00 x 1.20 m 34 x 10 x 4 feet
  (Length x Width): 7.30 x 1.00 m 24 x 3 feet
  Weight with Pontoons (approx).: 20.5 tons, Draft (approx.) 0.55 m (1.8 feet)
  Working depth up to 4.80 m (16 feet) without attachment.
  Working Depth with attachment 6 m (20 feet) below water line.
  Smooth Slewing range up to 175° each left- and right hand (350° at all).
  Two (2) spuds manually extensible up to 6 m (20 feet).
  Tilt able by rams on the pontoons for transport two (2) front detachable floats, with max. depth up to
  4 m (13 feet).
  Manual extensible up to 6 m (20 feet).
Main Engine
  Make/Model: Perkins Diesel engine - 6-cylinder
  Power @ 1,800 RPM 168 kW 225 hp
  Water cooled (Optional with Perkins Diesel engine - 6-cylinder, 225 kW / 306 hp water cooled) with monitoring
  of water temperature and oil level (warning system).
  Fuel tank capacity: 1,200 liters 317 gallons
  Auger drive – Suction dredger: Variable load-sensing displacement max. 200 liter/min (53
    gallon/min), 320 bar.
  Outrigger arm – Spuds: Gear pump with max. flow of 200 liter/min (53 gallon/min), 210 bar.
  Double filter system in suction and return line, additional water absorber for the filler port.
  Cooling system for hydraulic oil.
  Servo operating steering devices for smooth movement of the hydraulic cylinders.
  Hydraulic tank capacity (approx.): 700 liters 185 gallons
Auger Drive
  Double auger drive.
  Infinitely variable drive regulation forward up to 6 knots, backwards up to 3 knots.
  Drive protection below and on the side of auger drive against damages.
  Override protection of the auger drive.
Suction Pump - Stationary      
  8/6 inch armored pump, mounted below deck, capacity 520 cubic meters/hr (680 cubic yards) slurry
  and between 55 - 220 cubic meters/hr (71 - 288 cubic yards) solids.
Drivers Cab      
  Comfortable cabin with comfort seat for the operator and co-driver.
  Size (Length x Width x Height): 1.60 x 1.60 x 1.90 m 5 x 5 x6 feet
  Clearly arranged operating elements and monitoring gauge, adjustable to drivers position.
  Sound insulated cab (noise level not higher than 75 db.
  Equipped with fire extinguisher , ambulance box, life buoy, roof hatch.
  Lighting according rules for waterway traffic, additional working lights in front and rear.
  Optionally equipped with heater, air conditioner, radio, depth sounder.
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