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141009-PH 400 mm (16-inch) Dredge Hose for Discharge or Suction:

This 400 mm (16-inch) Dredge Hose for Discharge or Suction is in a great condition. It was barely used and is fully functional. Located in Europe

EUR 6,600
(USD 8,354)
140430-PM 18" to 16" Flanged Pipe Reducer :

Available is an 18" to 16" Flanged Pipe Reducer. Located in the state of New Jersey, USA

USD 500
(USD 500)
140322-PP 16-inch SDR 17 HDPE Pipe :

This is some used 16-inch SDR 17 HDPE Pipe for sale and it has approx. 10 to 20 percent wear. Located in the State of Michigan, USA - Price per foot

USD 12
(USD 12)
140225-PP New HDPE Dredging Pipes with Integrated Floats:

These pipes and systems are for the sector of dredging - ''Sediment treatment''. Offered are 2 types of HDPE dredge pipes suitable for the transport of liquids under pressure with a mixture of inert - clays, silts, sands, gravels and solids of large size with a diameter from 160 mm to 1,200 mm. Located in Italy

Price on Request
130836-PH 24-inch Dredge Discharge Hose - New Surplus:

Available for Sale is some Townley 24-inch rubber hoses and some heavy duty couplings. These hoses have never been used, although they have some weathering particularly on the softer inner lining. The exteriors look excellent with little signs of weathering. Located in the State of Kansas, USA

Price on Request
130319-PH 500 mm Floating Dredge Hose:

There are 13 each Floating Hoses and 9 each Non Floating Hoses in good condition for sale. Located in Portugal - See Listing for Prices

On Request
130239-PF 9-foot x 3-foot x 3/8-wall Steel Pipeline Pontoons:

38 Used steel cylindrical pipeline pontoons, the dimensions are approximately 9’ X 3’, with a heavy wall thickness of 3/8” steel. They work great with no maintenance and no worries. Price for each Pontoon - Located in the State of Nebraska, USA

USD 680
(USD 680)
130105-PB 24-inch Ball Joint :

One set of 24-inch gulf coast bell and ball available. Located in The State of California, USA

USD 3,350
(USD 3,350)
130104-PH 16-inch Floating Discharge Hose:

There are 8 x 38 feet long pieces of 16-inch floating discharge hose available. Located in The State of California, USA - Price for each hose

USD 8,250
(USD 8,250)
130103-PP 20-inch SDR 17 HDPE Pipe:

This 20-inch SDR 17 HDPE Pipe is in good condition and has only pumped medium sand on one project, (600,000 yds). They are bolted together with connection flanges and back up rings. Located in The State of California, USA

Price per foot: USD $ 22.00
130102-PP 16-inch SDR 11 HDPE Pipe:

This 16-inch SDR 11 HDPE Pipe is in very good condition and only pumped very low SG material. Located in The State of California, USA

Price for Pipe: USD $ 18.00 per foot
121133-PF 20-inch Syntactic Foam Pipe Floats :

110-sets Available, the units are constructed with Syntactic foam. Located in The State of Texas, USA

USD 30,000
(USD 30,000)
120628-PF 14-inch Pipeline Floats :

There are 46 of these New Floatation Technologies Bouyance Bottles. These pipeline floats were bought from a major oil company. They could accommodate up to a 14" pipe, but have what appears to be a replaceable rubber collar that would fit a 10", maybe 12" pipe. They are 57" tall, 39" O. D. 6600 FSW. 
46 pieces available in The State of Louisiana, USA - Price per piece:

USD 555
(USD 555)
120123-CP 20" SDR 13.5 IPA Pipe HDPE:

With 4710 Glue which has the strength of HDPE schedule eleven but has a larger ID. Price per foot with 36 Flange Adapter's and Backup Rings already fused to pipe. 10,500 feet available in North Carolina, USA - Price per foot:

USD 25
(USD 25)
110961-CP 24-inch Gate Valves:

There are 12 each - 24-inch Gate Valves available in South Corolina, USA - Price per piece:

USD 8,400
(USD 8,400)
110943-CP Used 8" SDR 26 HDPE:

Most of it is SDR 26 but some is 17 & 11. There is approx. 4,000 feet of 20' sticks & approx. 3,000 feet of 40' foot sticks available in Georgia, USA - Price per foot

(USD 5)
110534-PP 20" SDR 11 HDPE:

Polyethylene pipe. 4,000 feet available in the Bahamas - Price per foot

USD 28
(USD 28)
101103-CP Used 10" HDPE Pipe:

This pipe comes in 12 m (39 foot) lengths, there are 30 pieces of pipe available. 1,180 feet available in Greece - Price per foot

On Request
101020-CP Used 24" SDR 17 HDPE Pipe:

It is in good condition. It comes cut into 50’ segments and is available immediately. 900 feet available in California, USA - Price per foot

USD 35
(USD 35)
100728-PC Used 10" (1/2" thickness) Black HDPE:

The pipe is used and is in 15' to 45' sections. 800 feet available in Texas, USA - Price per foot

(USD 7)
100395-CP New 12" SDR 32.5 HDPE Pipe:

New never used, capped flotation pipe 40' lengths. 1,200 feet available in New Jersey, USA - Price per foot

See Listing for Price
90927-PC Used 24" SDR 17 HDPE Pipe:

Polyethylene pipe in good condition. 9,500 feet available in Florida, USA - Price per foot

USD 37
(USD 37)
508BJ-1 Used 27-inch Ball Joints:

Mobile Pulley Type ALR (Locking Ring Type). Good condition. 25 sets of 27-inch standard ball joints for dredge pipeline available in New Orleans, USA - Price per lot

USD 96,500
(USD 96,500)
Total items : 23

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