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220104-DH 10-inch Disch. Horizontal Cutter Dredger IMS Model 4010

Built in 2001. Designed and built by IMS, this 177 horsepower unit was made as a self-contained and portable hydraulic power source. The primary purpose of the power unit is to furnish high-pressure fluid to power the hydraulically driven IMS pumping system. The Murphy hour meter reads 641 hours. The dredge is in complete running condition.  Location: State of Wisconsin, USA

USD 112,000
(USD 112,000)
220101-DA 10-inch Articulated Ladder Dredger - Amphibex AE450E

The Amphibex is mainly an amphibious excavator. The Amphibex AE450E was built with versatility in mind for operations incorporating preventive ice breaking, private and municipal intakes / outfalls placement and mainly environmental restorations and aquatic plants control. The maximum length of the machine is 11m, with an approximate working weight of 22 metric tons. Its approximate speed on water (with the propeller) is 5 to 8 knots. The transport length, width and height are 12.85m, 3.5m and 3.2m respectively.  Location: Canada

CAD 1,650,000
(USD 1,240,602)
211210-DU 18-inch/450 mm Submersible Pump Sand Dredger

Dredger has a Toyo-Denki DP600-12W/450KW/3,300V/60hz Sand pump with an 450mm diameter and a capacity of 3,500 m3/hr. Jetting Pump is a Ebara 300/200 with a capacity of 600 m3/hr. Maximum dredging debts is 15m and can be extended to 30m. The dredger has a length of 39.9m, breadth of 12.0m, depth of 2.4m. GT is 272 and NT is 81. Dredger was built in 2012 in Singapore.  Location: Southeast Asia

USD 1,026,000
(USD 1,026,000)
211208-DU 22-inch/560 mm Self Propelled Submersible Pump Sand Dredger

Built in 1989 in Japan. The dredger has 22"(550A) KSP-550SSP/2000rpm pump with a capacity of 4,500 m3/hr. The jetting pump capacity is 270 m3/hr @ 140m (Taiko Kikai 200/150). The jetting pump engine is a Isuzu 154 PS/2,000 rpm. Dredging depth is a min. of less than 3m and max of 50m. The dredge is powered by a Hanshin LH 28G-147 engine with 735 kW @ 370 rpm. The length is 47.59m with a GT of 494 and NT of 148.  Location: Southeast Asia

USD 630,000
(USD 630,000)
211204-DB 500 mm (20-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger for Charter

Available for charter or possibly a joint venture, preferred in the US or UAE. The 500 mm dredge has a max dredging depth of 15 m and a standard discharge distance of 1500m. Dredge pump waterflow rate is 3000 m3/h and production at 15% solid is 450m3/h. Dredge [ump is driven by a 992 hp CUMMINS K-38 engine.This dredger is dismountable in order to be moved by truck or train. Reported to be in almost new condition.  Location: Venezuela

Available for charter
211114-DB 406 mm (16-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

Built in 1998 in France is a non-propelled cutter suction dredger. The dredge pump is a Caterpillar 3508 with 630kw @1800rpm. It has a max drilling depth of 12m and a maximum flow rate for water of 2880m3/hr. The cutter diameter is 1350mm. The deck crane has a capacity of 1.35T and a length of 10.5m. It has 2 hydraulically operated spuds each with a length of 19m and a diameter of 508mm.   Location: West Mediterranean

EUR 260,000
(USD 288,889)
211002-DH 8-inch Horizontal Cutter Suction Dredge Mud Cat 115D

The MC 115D – was designed around the premise of making a durable, productive, transportable, stable, safe, and affordable dredge for entry-level buyers or operations on a budget. The controls can be learned quickly, and maintenance is simple. The system boasts a powerful 125 HP (93 kW) diesel engine, 2,000 GPM (454m3/hr.) dredge pump, and a powerful cutterhead with the patented Pump Defender for reducing downtime in debris rich environments by up to 80%.  Location: Australia

Price on request
211001-DH 12-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredge - IMS 7012 HP

IMS model 7012 Horizontal Cutter Dredger, year 2017. The dredger is self propelled using IMS patented "Star Wheel" paddle wheels that can propel the dredger both free running and while dredging.  It has been used in freshwater only.  It has had one owner. Location: State of Oklahoma, USA

USD 426,000
(USD 426,000)
210920-DH 4-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredge, Model VMI MDE-415HN

Built in 1992 with dual hydraulic pump drive – direct from engine. Dredging debt is 15-ft. Cutter diameter is 16-in with a width of 8-ft 6-in. Pump suction and discharge diameters are 4-in. Pump capacity is variable to 1000 GPM @ 130’ Head (Water @ 68 degrees F) @1750 RPM. The dredge has a length of 32-ft 6-in, a width of 9-ft and weights 15,000 lbs. Pontoons are made of 12 Gauge steel with internal bulkheads and stiffeners, formed for rigidity and corofoam filled. Hour meter shows 2644 Hours since last overhaul. Location: Canada

USD 78,000
(USD 78,000)
210903-DB Ellicott 1270 - 18-inch Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD)

The Ellicott Series 1270 built in 2018 is a non-self-propelled, transportable, hydraulic pipeline, cutterhead dredge. Its prime mover consists of a diesel driven centrifugal dredge pump and a diesel driven hydraulic system which powers the cutter, ladder lifting cylinders, and swing and spud winches.  Location: Mexico

USD 1,890,000
(USD 1,890,000)
210808-DB 700 mm (28-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

This Cutter Suction Dredger was rebuilt in 2008. It has an overall length of 75.5m and a hull length of 54m. Structural weight is 1700t. The dredger has a maximum dredging depth of 45m and cutter head dredging depth of 22.5m. Suction pipe is 700mm and discharge is 700/800mm. It has 2 spuds with lengths of 51m each. Recently renewed the 5 years class and all documents are fresh till 2026.  Location: Black Sea

Price on request
210706-DH 24-inch Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

Built in 2006 in Korea, this dredger has a dredging depth of 16 m (52.5-ft) and a soil volume rate of 400 m3/hr (523 yd3/hr). The dredger has a length of 54.7 m and 2-25 m spuds. Suction diameter and discharge diameters are both 600 m (24-inch). The impeller has 5 blades and a diameter of 1,370 m. The purchase includes 160 floaters and 1000 m of discharge pipe. Location: Korea

USD 1,025,000
(USD 1,025,000)
210501-DB 22-inch Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) IHC Beaver 2300

The IHC Beaver 2300 has a suction diameter of 24-inches (607mm), a discharge diameter of 22-inches (559 mm) and a dredge pump capacity of 2600 m3/h. It is powered by a CAT 3516. Auxiliary powered by CAT 3412 & D398. Built in 1970. It has a length of 28m, a breadth of 10 m and a depth of 1.5 m. Hours on dredge are 29,848 hrs. The equipment is disassembled for transportation. Location: Brazil

USD 1,025,000
(USD 1,025,000)
210115-DB Bucket Wheel Dredger and matching Hopper Barge Set

Available for charter or sale. The dredger has a dredging depth of 18m and can be extended to 24m. Bucket capacity is 775lt. The output rate is 750 m3/h. It is powered by 2 engines both full overhauled in 2021. The dredger has a length of 80.17m, a breadth of 14.42m and a depth of 5.20m. The hopper barge has a hold capacity of 500m3. The overall length is 55.55m and a breadth of 10m. It is powered by 2 x CKD Praha with total power of 1320 kw.  Location: Turkey

Available for charter or sale
210113-DB 26-inch Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) - IHC 6518C

IHC Beaver 6518C model 2009 is laid-up in Singapore since 2018. Basic maintenance is done and note that this dredge is not IACS classed but Phoenix classed (expired). The dredgers are equipped with a single high-pressure submerged dredge pump, mounted on the ladder. This high efficiency pump is directly driven by the diesel engine, via the IHC Pivoting Gearbox. The prime mover for the dredge pump is a modern computer- controlled diesel engine with low fuel consumption, and low NOx and soot emissions. The main engine was overhauled in March 2016 and has about 10,000 runtime hours since the overhaul. Location: Singapore

USD 2,570,000
(USD 2,570,000)
210104-DB 16 x 12-inch Cutter Suction Dredger CSD (Low Hours)

A light and compact dredge can easily maneuver on water, lift, easily tow onto the sand mining location. The dredge is designed so that one person could operate and cater to it. The soil pump is new generation which at low power provides great productivity of sand and saves fuel costs. Total installed power 522 kW. Engine working hours 2500. Location: Estonia

USD 920,000
(USD 920,000)
201202-DB 800 mm (32-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger

Built in Korea in 2009, this dredger recently passed SS/DD in August 2020. The dredger has a maximum dredging depth of 26 m and a maximum excavation width of 70 m. Cutter head diameter of 3200 m and is powered by a 1650 kw and 6600 v motor. Nominal capacity is 4500 m3/hr. Nominal Delivery distance is 6000 m. Actual recent production was recorded at around 1100cbm (mud) per hour, with 5.4 km discharging pipe (Dia. at 800mm).  Location: China

USD 8,000,000
(USD 8,000,000)
201105-DH 3-inch Remote Controlled Crisafulli dredger

Remote controlled dredger with horizontal auger. Operates in a cable enviroment and can be partially or fully automated. The FLUMP (floating lagoon pumper) are simple to operate, and easy to transport. The dredge operator isn’t exposed to potentially hazardous dredged materials. Remote control is user friendly and works in rain. Pontoons are 4.27 m (14-ft). Total weight is 3900 lbs (1769 kg).  Location: state of Nevada, USA

USD 88,000
(USD 88,000)
201013-DH 12-inch Self-Propelled Horizontal Dredge IMS 5012

Only 1674 working hours. The dredge has a maximum dredging depth of 22-feet (6.7 m) with a discharge diameter of 12-inches (305 m) and a suction diameter of 9.75-inches (248 m). This durable hydraulic dredge is ideal for a variety of dredging applications such as canal, reservoir, and marina dredging projects. Self-Propelled with IMS patented Starwheel Drive. Includes 1200-ft of 12-inch pipe with couplings. Location: state of Washington, USA

USD 225,000
(USD 225,000)
201007-DU 14-inch Submersible Pump Dredge, Electric Drive

Pontoon mounted submersible pump with cutter suction (HY400 with Power Pack) was built in 2016 in Italy. The dredge pump has a capacity of 1200 m3/h with a head of 42 m. Dredging depth is 25.0 m. Suction diameter is 1015 mm and discharge pipe diameter is 300 mm. Discharge distance is 1000 mm. The cutter motor is a Radial Piston Motor with 36 hp and 0 - 50 RPM cutter speed.  Location: India

USD 500,000
(USD 500,000)
201006-DH 10-inch Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

Fully reconditioned in 2002, the dredger was originally built in 1987. Dredge pump is a Warman with dredging depth of 10m (32.81-ft), a suction diameter of 305 mm (12-inch) and a discharge diameter of 254 mm (10-inch). Delivery of sand is 150 m3/h. The dredger is powered by V16 GM and 6 cylinder DAF with 500 hp.  Location: Africa

USD 270,000
(USD 270,000)
200921-DB 10-inch Cutter Suction Dredge, Ellicott 370

Built in 2003 reported to be in great shape and ready to work. The 3406 Cat engine has a new head and exhaust manifold, it was visually inspected while the head was off injectors and valves set when reassembled. The dredge has an Ellicott pump with a suction diameter of 12-inches (300 mm) and a discharge of 10-inches (254 mm). Location: State of Iowa, USA

USD 323,000
(USD 323,000)
200919-DH 12-inch Horizontal Dredge, IMS 7012

The 7012 HP Versi-Dredge is a one-truck transportable hydraulic dredge ideal for dredging rivers, small ports, canals, lakes, and small beach restoration. This unit is reported to be in very good condition, recently completely reworked. The dredge has been engaged in two projects. Dredging depth with Starwheel Drive is 30-ft and with Cable Drive is 32.8-ft. Suction diameter is 12 inches and discharge diameter is 10 inches. Built in 2016 the dredger has approximately 2700 working hours. Location: State of Florida, USA

USD 475,000
(USD 475,000)
200915-DB 10-inch Portable Dredge Ellicott 370

This 10-inch Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD) Ellicott 370 was commissioned in 2017 and has been completely overhauled in July 2020. The dredge has 17,685 operational hours and was operated in a mine tailings reclamation project in the Dominican Republic. The dredge has been well maintained with all C15 engine rebuilds completed by the local authorized Caterpillar dealer. The dredge is fully optioned, including with the DREDGEPACK® system for dredging control. There is also an extensive list of spares available - priced separately. Location: Dominican Republic

USD 426,000
(USD 426,000)
200914-DB 10-inch Portable Dredge Ellicott 370

This 10-inch Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD) Ellicott 370-HP was commissioned in 2012 and has been completely overhauled in 2014, 2016 and 2020. The dredge has 42,094 operational hours and was operated in a mine tailings reclamation project in the Dominican Republic. The dredge has been well maintained with all C15 engine rebuilds completed by the local authorized Caterpillar dealer. The dredge is fully optioned, including with the DREDGEPACK® system for dredging control. There is also an extensive list of spares available-priced separately. Location: Dominican Republic

USD 377,000
(USD 377,000)
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