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191104-DB 26-inch Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD)

Dredge is in class lay-up and the maintenance lay-up program is strictly followed. Condition of the vessel is reported to be good. Location: Middle East

EUR 2,052,000
(USD 2,280,000)
191026-DA Articulated Ladder Amphibious Dredger -Amphibex 400

The dredger is in excellent condition, and government maintained throughout its life, with about 597 total runtime hours currently. The dredger is equipped with a hydraulic cutter attached to the end of the excavator arm for very accurate depth and position control. Location:  State of Oregon, USA

USD 496,000
(USD 496,000)
191016-DB 16 x 12 Cutter Suction Dredger

This 16 x 12 Cutter Suction Dredger is a dismountable cutter suction dredger. The dredger has kicker spuds, allowing the dredger to be advanced without walking the dredger. Located in Northern Europe

USD 475,000
(USD 475,000)
190924-DH 6-inch Horizontal Dredger "Dino 6" Complete Package

This "Dino 6" dredge has been used for only 636 hours. All hydraulic lines are in great shape. Includes a closed faced impeller with less than 650 yards of sand having gone through it. Also includes an open faced impeller. Trailer and pipe included in sale price. Comes with 300 feet of hard 6” pipe, 100 feet of flex 6 inch pipe and 100 feet of floating gear 6 inch pipe.  Location: State of Florida, USA

USD 88,500
(USD 88,500)
190920-DH 8-inch Electric Powered Remote Controlled Mud Cat™ Dredge

Brand new Mud Cat™ Dredge with less than 20 hours of testing operation. Unit is in excellent condition and ready to work. The dredge is designed to allow for remote control of the dredging operation via a portable hand-held transmitter called RADIO REMOTE SENSE™ (RMS). The hand-held transmitter may be operated more than 1,000 feet from the dredging unit. Location: State of Wisconsin, USA

USD 216,300
(USD 216,300)
190912-DU 300 mm (12-inch) Submersible Pump Dredge

This listing is for a 300 mm (12-inch) "Dragflow" EL150B Submersible Pump Dredger. Built in 2016. Excellent for dredging in strict areas, easy to transport. Requires 4 trailers for transporting. Dredge is equipped with 300 m (984-feet) of piping, 300mm (12-inch) diameter.  Location: Lithuania

EUR 175,000
(USD 194,444)
190908-DH 6-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredger "Dino 6"

This 6-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredger was built in 2011, and has 3,716 total run time hours on it. The dredger is in great working condition, runs and operates perfectly. Dredge weighs 3800 pounds and is easily transportable. It is ideal for sediment removal from small bodies of water such as marinas, ponds, lagoons, canals and small lakes.  Location: State of New York, USA

USD 50,000
(USD 50,000)
190907-DB 12-inch Cutter Suction Dredge under construction

Predator Model 1000 Cutterhead Dredge - 12 x 12 Approximately 75 % Complete, "AS-IS, WHERE IS". Seller to provide drawings, manuals, and engineering support to completion by buyer.  Location: State of Tennessee, USA

USD 350,000
(USD 350,000)
190906-DB 650 mm (26-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) IHC 6525

The CSD 6525 is a dismountable Cutter Suction dredger, catamaran execution with direct driven submerged pump on the cutter ladder. The dredge was built in 2012, but never used. It has only testing hours. It is currently tied to a dock in fresh water, and it has never been in salt water. The price includes 84 pieces of floating pipe 12 m long (about 1 km). Spare parts package includes a complete pump rebuild kit, plus a spare cutter and 500 cutter teeth. Dredging depth was extended to 25 m, and cutter power was increased to 900 hp at the factory. The dredger is fitted with an IHC designed dredging monitoring system. Location: Persian Gulf

Price available on request
190901-DB 12-inch Cutter Suction Dredge

This 12-inch (305 mm) Cutter Suction Dredge was built by Twinkle in 2002. The dredge is transportable with side pontoons removable. Twinkle Co rotary cutter baskets are designed and built for sand & gravel dredge mining. The cylindrical pontoons are inherently strong, which requires less steel per cubic foot of displacement. Location: State of Illinois, USA

USD 677,000
(USD 677,000)
190810-DB 6500 m3 Non-Propelled Cutter Suction Dredge

This listing is for a 1000mm (40-inch) Non-Propelled Cutter Suction Dredger with a discharge distance of 6 km. The dredge was built in 2019 in China and has a classification of CCS Unrestricted Navigation. Location: China

Price on Application by Named Buyer
190801-DB 16-inch Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD), AMMCO PD-16-14

Stationary suction dredger with cutter, driven by stilts and banding winches for uniform sweeping. Equipped with cutter scale for effective dredging. The dredging pump has 16" suction and 14" discharge, driven by a gearbox with the right ratio by an 895 HP engine of power, 500 HP for the pump and the rest for the needs of the hydraulic system and auxiliary services. Location: Mexico, Gulf Side

USD 506,000
(USD 506,000)
190800-DB 16-inch Cutter Suction Dredge, Ellicott Series 800

This Cutter Suction dredge built by Ellicott Dredges is a 16-inch Cutter Suction dredge and has a digging depth of 35-feet (10.7m). It can be easily transported and assembled onsite with minimal effort. Location: Mexico, Gulf Side

USD 782,000
(USD 782,000)
190716-DH 6-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredger IMS 4010 LP

This 6-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredger was built in 1996 and rebuilt before 2015. Runs well and everything functions. Engine has just been replaced and pump is in good condition. There is no discharge line.  Location: State of Oregon, USA

USD 164,000
(USD 164,000)
190715-DB IMS Model 5012-LP, Horizontal Cutter Suction Dredge

This dredge is ideal for a number of applications such as canal, reservoir and marina dredging projects. The dredge includes the IMS Razor Tooth Weedmaster Cutterhead which is used to remove aquatic weeds without the purchase of expensive weed removal systems or the use of environmentally toxic chemicals. The Weedmaster has been designed to work in several types of aquatic plants.  Location: San Juan Puerto Rico

USD 270,000
(USD 270,000)
190711-DB 200 mm (8-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger

This 8-inch Cutter Suction Dredger, dismountable, was built in Italdraghe Italy in 1998. Includes 1500 m (4921 ft) of mixed floating and shore pipeline diameter 200 mm (8"). Certificate of local Authority valid till 2021. Thickness report available. Dredge is in good working condition. Location: Italy

EUR 142,000
(USD 157,778)
190705-DH 12-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredge - IMS 7012 HP

IMS model 7012 Horizontal Cutter Dredger, year 2017. The dredger is self propelled using IMS patented "Star Wheel" paddle wheels that can propel the dredger both free running and while dredging.  It has been used in freshwater only.  It has had one owner. Location: State of Oklahoma, USA

USD 453,000
(USD 453,000)
190703-DB 10-inch Cutter Suction Dredge

This listing is for a 10-inch Cutter Suction Dredge The dredge is shop-built. It has a dredging depth of 28-30 feet. It is in good operating condition. Pump and hydraulics are all in good condition. Location: State of Florida, USA

USD 225,000
(USD 225,000)
190504-DH 8-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredge, IMS 3010

This is a 8-inch IMS dredge Horizontal cutter dredge for sale.The dredge is in good working condition and has been in use every summer for the last 8 years. The unit was last certified by Red Engineering 3 years ago. Location: Canada

USD 50,000
(USD 50,000)
190503-DH 12 x 24 Horizontal Cutter Dredge

This is a 12 x 24 Horizontal cutter dredge for sale. The dredge will come with 2 cutterheads. One for dredging in ponds littered with metals and cables, the other, a normal cutterhead. Mechanically, the dredge is ready for work. Cosmetically, it will need paint and some cosmetic work in the cab.  Location: Canada

USD 78,000
(USD 78,000)
190330-DH 6-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredger, LWT 3010 "Pit Hog"
This dredge is in fully working order, and runs and pumps great, with a 4-inch Cornell Pump with a 6-inch Discharge. The Air Conditioning

Unit has been recently replaced. The 1994 Featherlite Flatbed Trailer pictured is included.  Location: State of Minnesota, USA

USD 62,000
(USD 62,000)
190329-DH 3” Crisafulli Remote Dredge

This is a 17 ft electric powered remote dredge with a Crisafulli S-Series Pump. It has a cutterhead of 54"/1.37 m and works at a depth of 0-8 ft/0-2.43 m. Pontoons are foam-filled, 12-guage steel. This dredge is in great condition with very little use. Location: State of Montana, USA

USD 71,500
(USD 71,500)
190327-DA 6-inch Underwater Pump dredge with Articulated Ladder Suction Dredger

This listing is for a DRW-400/40 underwater pump dredge with articulated ladder suction dredger. Technical inspection valid till 2020. Location: Ukraine

USD 44,000
(USD 44,000)
190316-DB 14-inch Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD) Ellicott Model 670

This road transportable dredge has low engine hours, and a rebuilt Pearce 14" x 14" Dredge Pump.  It is currently being repainted.  The dredge is fully functional, and ready to be put to work.  Location: State of Florida, USA

USD 632,000
(USD 632,000)
190315-DB 850 mm (34-inch) Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD)

This is a 850 mm (34-inch) Non-propelled Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD) built in 2008 in China. Classification is CCS, Offshore. Inspected in Jiangsu China.  Location: China

Price available on request
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