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170229-DH 10-inch IMS 4010-LP Dredge:

This dredge has been recently refurbished. Many new components. 100% fully operational. 5,323 total hours. Approximately 600 hours since refurbishment. New paint, many new hydraulic hoses, new cutter motor, new impeller and wear plates, new alternator. Many spare parts including a rubber lined sand pump. Location: State of Indiana, USA

USD 148,500
(USD 148,500)
170208-DH 6-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredge - Mud Cat® SP-810:

This 1994-built dredge could use cleaning and painting, but it is in overall fair condition. Owner prefers to sell the dredge, trailer and truck en-bloc, but they will consider separating. Location: State of Ohio, USA

USD 74,000
(USD 74,000)
170206-DB 16-inch "Dixie" Cutter Suction Dredge:

This 16-inch Cutter Suction Dredge was built in 1986, and completely furbished two times. The dredge is sold as a complete package. Location: Mexico

USD 827,000
(USD 827,000)
170116-DB 200 mm (8-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger New-Build (In Stock):

This 200 mm discharge diameter dredger is brand new and in stock for immediate delivery. During testing, the dredger was able to produce 1.250 m3/h @ 7 bar pressure while pumping through a test nozzle. Location: Northern Europe

EUR 450,000
(USD 511,364)
170105-DB 18-inch DSC "Shark" model 10300 Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD):

Manufactured by Dredging Supply Company, Inc., in 2012, this 18-inch Cutter Suction dredger had very little use when purchased by the current owners, and since then it has only worked on one job. Location: Mexico, Pacific Side

USD 1,310,000
(USD 1,310,000)
161205-DB 10-inch Cutter Suction Dredge:

This is a portable, single engine dredger with 1591 total runtime hours. The dredger was built in 2015, and is in full running condition and ready to be placed on a job. Location: Southern British Colombia, Canada

USD 628,000
(USD 628,000)
161140-DH 12-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredge, IMS 7012-HP:

IMS model 7012-HP Horizontal Cutter Dredge. The dredge is self propelled using IMS pattented Star Wheel ™ paddlewheels that can propell the dredge both free running and while dredging. The dredger is also fitted with a cable drive for dredging using anchors. Dredger is in excellent condition and ready to go to work immediately. Location: State of Wisconsin, USA

USD 450,000
(USD 450,000)
161131-DB 6-inch Truckable Cutter Suction Dredger:

This 6-inch Cutter Suction Dredger is truckable in one piece (will fit on one truck with no disassembly required). The dredger has been recently re-fitted and is in good working condition. Location: Southern England

GBP 270,000
(USD 391,304)
161124-DB 400 mm (16-inch) Italdradge Model CSD 400:

This dredger was built in 1990, and overhauled and upgraded in 2015. The cutter head module angle is hydraulically adjustable to achieve maximum depth and best efficiently at any depth. The digging spud is mounted on a traveler allowing the dredger to advance efficiently.  Location:  The Netherlands

EUR 580,000
(USD 659,091)
161018-DB 12-inch Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD) Ellicott 670-33:

This 12-inch Cutter Suction Dredger (discharging into 14-inch pipeline) was built in 2008. The dredger is in good condition and ready to work. A pipeline package is included consisting of 900 m ((2952-feet) of 14-inch SDR 17 HDPE pipe, and one section of 14-inch flexible discharge hose. Location: Mexico, Gulf Side

USD 832,000
(USD 832,000)
160914-DB 18-inch Suction Type Gold Dredger w/ Onboard Separating Plant:

Newly Built Shop Manufactured Mining Dredge, equipped with an onboard washing and separation plant. Unit can dig up to 60 ft. deep. Unit can be shipped in approx. (12) - 40' Containers. Location: State of California, USA

USD 840,000
(USD 840,000)
160913-DA Articulated Ladder Amphibious Dredger -Amphibex 400 :

The dredger is in excellent condition, and government maintained throughout its life, with about 597 total runtime hours currently. The dredger is equipped with a hydraulic cutter attached to the end of the excavator arm for very accurate depth and position control. Location:  State of Oregon, USA

USD 800,000
(USD 800,000)
160907-DB 750 mm Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD):

This large Cutter Suction Dredger was built in China in 2007. It is is Indian flagged, and classed IRS (International Registry of Shipping). Location:  Western India

Price on Application
160902-DB 10-inch Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) Ellicott 370-26:

This is a portable, single engine dredger designed to fit on one truck for transportation. The Cat 3406 Engine was rebuilt in 2015, and the Ellicott dredge pump is at 90% working life. Location: East Mediterranean

EUR 332,000
(USD 377,273)
160807-DB 850 mm (33-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger:

850 mm (33-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger with workboat and pipeline package. Location: China

CNY 60,000,000
(USD 9,132,420)
160729-DH IMS Model 5012 LP Versi-Dredge:

This 10-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredger IMS 5012 was built in 2009 and is in very good condition and has 4,243.9 hours on it. It last worked in 2011, maintenance and test run were last performed on July 21, 2016. The dredger is ready to work. Located in Canada

USD 125,000
(USD 125,000)
160728-DH IMS Model 5012 LP Versi-Dredge:

This 10-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredger IMS 5012 was built in 2005 and is in very good condition and has 5,013 hours on it. It last worked in 2011, maintenance and test run were last performed on July 21, 2016. The dredger is ready to work. Located in Canada

USD 125,000
(USD 125,000)
160727-DB 10-inch Cutter Suction Dredge Ellicott 370:

This 10-inch Cutter Suction Dredge Ellicott 370 is in good condition and ready for inspection. Build Year: 2008. Location: Mexico

USD 340,000
(USD 340,000)
160725-DH Highly Transportable 12-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredge:

Built in August, 2001, this custom built dredger it integral with it's own gooseneck trailer. The side pontoons fold up, making the dredger 8-feet wide so that it can be transported as a legal load on any highway. Location: State of Minesota, USA

USD 165,000
(USD 165,000)
160721-DB 16-inch Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD):

This 16-inch Portable Cutter Suction Dredge has a walking spud with a 12 foot stroke. The dredge is power by a Caterpillar C32 engine with a 16" x 16" Pearce Pump. It is being stored in fresh water. - Located in the state of Florida, USA

USD 1,035,000
(USD 1,035,000)
160707-DB 20-inch Ellicott 1870 Cutter Suction Dredge:

This 20-inch Ellicott 1870 Cutter Suction Dredge is a medium/large size dredge that is portable and truckable to an inland location. Through the use of two large diesel engines, the production rate is quite high for a portable dredge. Located in Haiti

USD 2,389,000
(USD 2,389,000)
160706-DB 12-inch Ellicott model 670 Dredge :

This 12-inch Ellicott model 670 Dredge was completed in December 2013 and only has 1,360 hours. Turn key operation, 33' depth reach. Portable cutter head conventional dredge, new teeth on cutter head. Located in the state of Virginia, USA

USD 850,000
(USD 850,000)
160637-DB 14-inch Cutter Suction Dredger:

This 14-inch Cutter Suction Dredger has a 14" suction and a 14" discharge and it has a cutting range up to 10 m in depth. Located in Mexico

For Rent Only: MXN 525,000 per month
160636-DH 10-inch Horizontal Dredger, IMS 4010-LP Self Propelled:

This 10-inch Horizontal Dredger, IMS 4010-LP was custom built in 2004 by the manufacturer with a larger cutter / pump module at the request of the original buyer. Located in the State of Illinois, USA

USD 196,000
(USD 196,000)
160632-DB 8-inch Badger Dredger with Pipeline and Work Boat :

This 8-inch Badger Dredger was built in 2003 and features a 250 hp Caterpillar diesel engine. The dredge is ideal for smaller dredging jobs where more compact equipment is required due to work area limitations. The pipeline and work boat are included in the price. Located in Mexico

MXN 1,970,000
(USD 105,573)
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