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Ellicott 600 Series Dredge, Rebuilt by DMC as a 16-inch Dredge

Ellicott 600 Series Dredge, Rebuilt by DMC as a 16-inch Dredge

This UD367 Ellicott Series 600 Dragon Model dredge has been rebuilt by DMC. Originally a 12-inch dredge, it was refitted as a 16-inch during the rebuild. The engine was also rebuilt during the rebuild project and has about 1,000 runtime hours on it.

Located in South East Florida, USA

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USD 550,000
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USD 550,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Main Hull, has a welded box design, reinforced in high-stress areas and measures:
    Length Over All: 10.67 m 35 feet
    Width: 3.05 m 10 feet
    Depth: 1.52 m 5 feet
  Pontoons, are compartmentalized with watertight doors, and can be removed for transport;
  each one measures:
    Length Over All: 18.29 m 60 feet
    Width: 1.83 m 6 feet
    Depth: 1.52 m 5 feet
  Ladder, (length): 10.97 m 36 feet
    ( built of high-quality structural steel)
  Controls, are intuitive and logically laid out in a spacious control area that affords a
  360-degree view.

The repainting and safety equipment have been done to meet or exceed USCG standards.

Main Engine
  Make/Model: GM /16V-92 (Type: diesel - heat exchanger cooled)
  Power: 932 kW 1,250 hp
Cutter System
  Type: DMC Hydra-Drive Oil Filled Bearing Housing
  Power: 75 kW 100 hp
  Blade Size x Quantity: 1,092.2 mm x 6 43 inch x 6
Dredge Pump
  Make/Model: Georgia Iron Works
  The dredge pump is powered by a diesel with v-belt drive and a manual disconnect switch.
  Discharge Diameter: 406.4 mm 16 inches
  Suction Diameter: 457.2 mm 18 inches
Hydraulic Drive
  The short-shaft underwater hydraulic drive ensures efficient excavation of dredged material,
  while the planetary drive hydraulic winches provide effective swing operation and ladder hoist.
  The 34 foot (10.36 m) spuds are raised and lowered by double-acting hydraulic cylinders.
Electrical System
  A 24V DC electrical system provides starting power for the diesel engine as well as standby
  lighting and bilge pump operation.
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