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1,000 m3 Clamshell Loading Hopper Dredge

1,000 m3 Clamshell Loading Hopper Dredge

This 1,000 m3 Clamshell Loading Dredge was originally built in 1960 and holds current local certificates in good order. It is ready for inspection and delivery.

Located in Portugal

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EUR 625,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 60.00 m 197 feet
  Beam: 11.58 m 38 feet
  Depth: 3.50 m 11.5 feet
  Draft (Astern- Light): 3.4 m 11.2 feet
  Draft (Astern- Loaded): 4.3 m 14 feet
  Draft (Bow- Light): 1.6 m 5 feet
  Draft (Bow- Loaded): 4.1 m 13 feet
  Gross Tonnage: 954
  Dead Weight: 286
  Hopper Capacity: 1,000 cubic meters 1,308 cubic yards
  Hopper Dimensions (L x W(average) x H): 24 m x 7.5 m x 6.2 m 79 x 25(average) x 20 feet

Average Charge Time for Hopper (in medium
size sand, mud, clay:

@10, 12, 14 m - 3-1/2/hrs @ 33, 39, 46 feet - 3-1/2/hrs
  Discharge: Bottom Doors & Grab Cranes
  Speed (in ballast condition): 8 knots
  Speed (at maximum charge): 7 knots
  Safe Minimum Crew and Composition:

1 Captain, 1 Engineer, 1 Engineer’s Assistant, 2 Deck Hands, 2 Crane Operators.

  Facilities (on board for Crew): Sleeping Quarters for 9 Crew, Galley, Mess.
  Capacity to Sail to Open Sea: Yes
  Combustible Tank Capacity: 2 x 14 cubic meters 2 x 18 cubic yards
  Water Tank Capacities:
    Sweet Water Tank: 1 x 4.4 cubic meters 1 x 6 cubic yards
    Salt Water Tank: (Astern): 1 x 35.5 cubic meters 1 x 46 cubic yards
      (Bow): 1 x 26.5 cubic meters 1 x 35 cubic yards
Main Engine
  Make/Model: British Polar
  Power: 850 kW 1,140 hp
  2 x 45 T Grab Cranes
  Radar, Depth Sounder, GPS, VHF
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