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16-inch Ammco Cutter Suction Dredge

16-inch Ammco Cutter Suction Dredge

A large 16-inch Cutter Suction Dredger capable of dredging to depths of up to 45-feet (13.72 m), and pumping distances of over 5,000-feet (1,524 m). Production is enhanced by a 475-horsepower (354 kW) jetting system, especially at dredging depths of 30-feet (9.15 m) or more. Twin stern anchors are used in lieu of spuds, providing added versatility and simplified advance.

Located in the State of Kansas, USA

Requires 6 (six) semi tractor trailers to transport.

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USD 1,750,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
   Hull Design:
  The dredge has a center hull containing the main dredge pump, set as low as possible in a dredge pump well.  
  The main pump drive system is multiple banded belts with sheaves.  This belt system has several advantages
  over gear box drives.  First, the belts have sufficient play to allow the adjustment of the dredge pump impeller
  to maintain the proper minimum clearance between the front liner and the impeller.  With a gear box drive, this
  requires a special coupling between the pump and the gear box that can tolerate this movement and yet will
  not fail under high power conditions.  Second, the sheave ratios can be changed, if necessary, for maximum
  operating conditions.  With a gear box drive, this would be impossible without a total gear box replacement.   
  Third, this belt drive allows the engine to be elevated to deck level, facilitating servicing, minimizing water
  damage, and allowing an additional floatation compartment under the engine. Fourth, unlike the gear box,

the belts can not fail due to oil contamination, an oil leak, and the loss of oil lubricate.

  Length Over All (with ladder): 30 m 100 feet
  Width Over All: 5.49 m 18 feet
  Hull Depth: 1.5 m 5 feet
  Mean Draft (with fuel): 0.75 m 2.5 feet
  Hull Type: Modular 4 (four) piece hull with sealed compartments.
    (One main two side and 1 (one) rear hull)
  Total Weigh (dry): 63.5 tonnes 70 tons
  Total Fuel Capacity (2 tanks): 2,839 liters 750 gallons
  Fuel is stored in a removable fuel cell
Dredging Capacity
  Dredging Depth Minimum: 1.52 m 5 feet
  Dredging Depth Maximum: 13.72 m 45 feet
  Theoretical Production Rate: 800-cu/yd/hr into 3,000-feet of 18-inch pipeline (612 m^3
    into 914 m of 457 mm pipe)
Dredge Pump Engine
  Make/Model: Caterpillar / D-398 TA
  Engine Type: 4 stroke diesel, turbo charged and after cooled
  Power @ 1,200 RPM: 615 kW 825 hp
  Cooling: Heat Exchanger Cooled
  Connected via an air clutch w/ 12 (twelve) 8V Belts 1.9:1 reduction
Jetting System          
  Engine Make/Model: Caterpillar / 3408 TA
    Engine Type: 4 stroke diesel, turbo charged and after cooled
    Power @ 1,800 RPM: 354 kW 475 hp
    Cooling: Heat Exchanger Cooled
  Jetting System Make/Model: Pearce Foundry / Twin Jet 16
  Jet Pump Make/Model: Gould
    Size: 203 mm x 254 mm 8 inches x 10 inches
Dredge Pump
  Make/Model: Pierce Foundries
  Impeller Diameter 1.02 m 40 inches 
  Suction Pipe Diameter: 400 mm 16 inches 
  Discharge Pipe Diameter: 400 mm 16 inches 
  Particle Clearance (diameter): 200 mm 8 inches
  Maximum RPM: 600 RPM
  Priming System: Special Venturi Jet system
Service Water Pump
  Make/Model: Mission
  Size: 76 mm x 102 mm 3 inches x 4 inches
  Belt driven by the Dredge Pump Engine serves the dredge pump flushing water, and engine cooling systems.
Cutter Head Module
  Power: 75 kW 100 hp
  Cutter Speed (variable): 0-30 RPM
  Cutter Diameter: 1,118 mm 44 inches
  Number of Blades / Cutting Teeth: 4 Blades  / 12 Cutting Teeth
 Winches (5)         
  Line Pull first layer: 9,979 kg 22,000 lbs
  Line Speed first layer (max): 36.6 m/sec 120 FPM
  Wire Size: 15.87 mm 5/8 inches
  Drum Capacity: 22.86 m 750 feet
  There are 2 (two) stern winches, 2 (two) swing winches, and 1 (one) ladder winch.
  In addition there are 2 (two) 8,000-pound (3,629 kg) work winches mounted on the bow.
Hydraulic System
  Hydraulic Pump: Commercial Shearing Model 75 3-section Pump
  Valves: Commercial Sheering Model 35A- 7-sections
  Capacity (w/screens and filter): 189 liters 50 gallons
Electrical System
  Dual 12/24 Volt system with fuses and gauges
  Full instrumentation for engine, hydraulic system, and dredging function monitoring
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