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24-inch Dredge Discharge Hose - New Surplus

24-inch Dredge Discharge Hose - New Surplus

Available for Sale is some Townley 24-inch rubber hoses and some heavy duty couplings. These hoses have never been used, although they have some weathering particularly on the softer inner lining. The exteriors look excellent with little signs of weathering. The couplings are heavy duty five bolt together parts and are labeled as 26 inch but fit the both colors of 24 inch hoses. There are extra couplings with separate machined ends which can be welded to steel pipes between the rubber hoses which serve as flex sections in the pumping line.

Located in the State of Kansas, USA

Quantity Available of all Pipe total: 1,669.66 feet

Price on Request

Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics

Townley 24” Heavy duty Rubber Hose with Steel Grooved Ends:

  Pressure Rating - 400 psi:
    Length x Quantity: 3.35 m, 254 mm x 52 pieces 11 feet, 10 inches x 52 pieces
    8 m, 152.4 mm x 27 pieces 26 feet, 6 inches x 27 pieces

121 (ea) 5-Section Hose Clamps for 24-inch (609.6 mm) Townley Hose)

    The couplings clamp directly onto the grooved end of the hoses so that two hoses can be joined but each
    coupling also includes an insert for each side that can be welded onto a pipe or a flange. That way a hose
    can also be coupled directly to a pipe or pipe flange, or used to join two pipes together. The inserts are not
    used when coupling onto a hose, as the hose end already matches the couplings.
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