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8-inch Swinging Ladder Dredger Ellicott “Swinging Dragon”

8-inch Swinging Ladder Dredger Ellicott “Swinging Dragon”

This 2008 Ellicott Dredge has 1,250 hours. It comes with 80 (pcs) of 10 inch (254 mm) polyethylene discharge pipe 12 m (39 ft.) long. 4 (pcs) of 10 inch (254) discharge hose 6 m (20 ft.) long, and 10 polyethylene floaters.

Located in South France

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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built:      2008
  Make/Model: Ellicott
  Length - with Ladder overall: 17.25 m 56.6 feet
  Width - Hull, overall: 3.05 m 10 feet
  Width - Shipping, overall: 3.23 m 10.6 feet
  Height - Overall (without spuds): 3.55 m 11.6-1/2 feet
  Height - Overall (shipping):                 3.05 m 10 feet
  Dry Weight (estimated):     52,000 lbs.
  Average Draft (estimated): 0.73 m 2.4 feet
  Fuel Capacity (3” Air Space) - (2 independent fuel tanks): 946 liters 250 gallons
    Length: 15.06 m 49.4 feet
    Depth: 1.10 m 3.6 feet
    Width: 3.05 m 10 feet
  Built-in Ballast Tanks: @ 4 corners
  Minimum Exterior Steel Plate Thickness: 4.75 mm 3/16 inches
  Lifting Lugs for lifting complete dredge: 4 Each
Main Engine
  Make/Model: John Deere / 9.0 L6090HF070
  Turbocharged Diesel Engine—Radiator Cooled
  Power @ 2,200 RPM 280 kW 375 hp
  12V DC Electrical System
  Engine Control Panel with Digital Read-Outs in Operator’s Cab
Dredge Pump (Hull Mounted)
  Suction diameter: 203.2 mm 8 inches
  Discharge diameter: 203.2 mm 8 inches
  Diameter (3-Vane): 495.3 mm 19.5 inches
  Impeller: Thread-mounted on a Heavy-Duty Shaft
  Wet End Parts (Impeller, Casing, Suction Cover & Replaceable Rear Liner) - 28% High Chrome Alloy Cast Iron (600 BHN Minimum).
  Oil lubricated bearing assembly with lip seal
  Rope Packing on Pump End with Water Flush
  Anti-Friction Roller Bearings for Thrust and Radial Loads
  Typical Operating Point—3,000 GPM @ 150’ of Head (Water) @ 1132 RPM
  Efficiency @ Typical Operating Point 77%
  Maximum Sphere Size: 92.08 mm 3.625 inches
Cutter Head         
  Cutter diameter: 787.4 mm 31 inches
  Number of Blades: 6 Each
  Cutting Blade Edges Replaceable Blades
  Shaft diameter: 64 mm 2 -1/2 inches
  Torque Rating: 31,500 lbs./inch
  Speed Range: 0-40 RPM
  Cutter Horsepower: 30 kW 40 hp
  Cutting Force: 4,000 lbs.
  Cutting Force per Linear Inch of Edge: 64 lbs.
Dredge Range
  Minimum Digging Depth: 0.73 m 2.4 feet
  Maximum Digging Depth: 4.57 m 15 feet
  Width of Cut @ 2.4 feet (0.73 m) Digging Depth - 22 feet (6.71 m).
  Width of Cut @ 15 feet (6.71 m) Digging Depth - 18.3 feet (5.58 m).
Ladder Swing Cylinder
  Nominal Size (Bore x Stroke): 152.4 mm x 457.2 mm 6 in. x 18 in.
  Rod diameter: 64 mm 2-1/2 inches
  Style: Connecting Rod End(s)
  Burst Pressure: 7,500 PSI
  Operating Pressure 2,500 PSI
Ladder Hoist Cylinder         
  Nominal Size (Bore x Stroke): 152.4 mm x 762 mm 6 in. x 30 in.
  Rod diameter: 64 mm 2-1/2 inches
  Style: Connecting Rod End(s)
  Burst Pressure: 7,500 PSI
  Operating Pressure 2,500 PSI
Kicker Spud Cylinder
  Nominal Size (Bore x Stroke): 152.4 mm x 254 mm 6 in. x 10 in.
  Rod diameter: 64 mm 2-1/2 inches
  Style: Connecting Rod End(s)
  Burst Pressure: 7,500 PSI
  Operating Pressure 2,500 PSI
Spud Hoist Winches
  Type: High performance, high efficiency, planetary hydraulic winch
  Line Pull: 2,200 lbs.
  Line Speed (Up and Down): 83 FPM
  Maximum Operating Pressure 2,500 PSI
  Wire Rope Diameter and Type: 1/2" – 6 x 19 Galvanized Wire Rope
Hydraulic Systems         
  Pump Drive - Double Pump – Engine Direct Drive
  Circuits: Dredge Pump (Closed Loop): 5,000 PSI Max Continuous Rating. 5,500 PSI Relief Pressure Setting
  Cutter Head & Auxiliary: 2,500 PSI Continuous Rating. 2,800 PSI Relief Pressure Setting
  Circuit Type(s):
  Dredge Pump
  Closed Loop Hydro-Transmission
  Auxiliary Controls
  8 bank proportional directional control valve(s)
Operator's Cab
  Construction - Steel galvannealed sheet wrapper with steel tubular frame, sound attenuating foam insulation on walls and ceiling, and tinted safety glass windows. Bi-fold door on both sides of cab. Heating/Cooling - Roof mounted air conditioner with hot water heater and fan.
Engine Control Panel
  Diesel engine control panel with read-outs including speed control, tachometer, oil pressure, coolant temperature, high temperature and low oil pressure shut-down.
  Individual "Finger-Tip" Control Switches:
  • Dredge pump On/Off and Speed
  • Cutter head Fwd/Off/Rev and speed
  • Ladder swing cylinder, Starboard/Off/Port and Speed
  • Ladder hoist cylinder, Up/Off/Down
  • Starboard spud hoist, Up/Off/Down
  • Port spud hoist, Up/Off/Down
  • Kicker spud hoist, Up/Off/Down
  • Kicker spud, Fwd/Off/Rev
  • Service water pump, On/Off
  Front and Rear Work Lights. Interior Cabin Light
  • Slurry Pressure and Vacuum Gauges (Dial Type)
  • Hydraulic Pressure Gauge, Dredge Pump Circuit
  • Hydraulic Pressure Gauge, Cutter Head Circuit
  • Hydraulic Pressure Gauge, Auxiliary Circuit(s)
Safety Equipment         
  Two fire extinguishers, two life vests, and life ring.
Coating System
  All surfaces contacting liquid in the waterway are sandblasted and given two coats of coal tar epoxy having a minimum film thickness of 12 mils (DFT). All other surfaces are primed and coated with two coats of urethane enamel having a combined minimum film thickness of 4 mils (DFT). The cab, diesel engine, hydraulic pump drive, hydraulic components, etc. have their original OEM coatings.
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