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6-inch Toyo Submersible Pumps - 380V, 50Hz

6-inch Toyo Submersible Pumps - 380V, 50Hz

There are 8 – 2012 Toyo DP20B 6” dredging pumps for sale. 5 pumps have never been used and remaining 3 only slightly used.

Additional accessories include:

4 control panels

4 soft starters 6 suction covers

8 fitting adapters 6”

8 spool piece

6 agitators

6 discharge elbows

6 delivery covers

4 impellers

6 disc impellers

6 cable kits

6 casings

6 jet rings

36 hose floats and repair kits

Located in the state of Texas, USA

Price per Pump - USD 16,175
Price per Pumps with parts USD 35,225
Price for all 8 pumps and extras- USD 270,000

Technical Details

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