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6-inch Pump, 8-inch Discharge LWT 727 Mudcat Horizontal Dredge

6-inch Pump, 8-inch Discharge LWT 727 Mudcat Horizontal Dredge

This 8-inch LWT 727 Mudcat Horizontal Dredge was built in 2005 and is for Charter or Sale. There is approx.. 1,000 feet of 8” pipe that can be leased also. Minimum lease period 2 months and the owner can supply a dredge operator who is experienced with this dredge.

Located in the South East, USA

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USD 165,000
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USD 165,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built: 2005
  Length Over All: 14.02 m 46 feet
  Transport Width: 3.05 m 10 feet
  Height: 3.35 m 11 feet
  Operational Draft: 635 mm 25 inches
  Flotation - Two Side Tanks (& Center Section):
    L x W x D: 12.19 m x 1,016 mm x 1,118 mm 40 ft. x 40 in. x 44 in.
    Constructed from 10 gauge steel plate w/ internal stiffeners and baffles and 3/26 in. thick
    non-skid safety plate operating platform.
    Side tanks foam filled except for fuel tanks and ballast tanks.
    Four Ballast tanks (one @ each corner)
  Weight (dry): 32,835 lbs.
  Weight (w/ 300 gallons fuel): 34,935 lbs.
  Max. Working Depth: 4.57 m 15 feet
Main Engine
  Make/Model: John Deere/6125h
  Type: Diesel Engine, Turbo charged - 6 cyl.
  Power @ 2,100 RPM: 242 kW 325 hp
  Fuel Capacity: 1,136 liters 300 gallons
Dredge Slurry Pump
  Make/Model: GPM Eliminator / HYEW
  Type: Submersible Centrifugal, Enclosed Impeller
  Pump casing, Impeller, Discharge elbow & wear plate made from Columbia Wearthon.
  J55 High Chrome Cast Iron.
  Bearing assembly w/ dual mechanical seals (silicon carbide) and Royal Purple barrier fluid.
  Pump Speed: 0 - 1,800 RPM
  Typical Head Capacities: 2,000 gpm @ 250 feet head (Sp. G 1.0)
  Suction Diameter: 152.4 mm 6 inches
  Discharge Diameter: 203.2 mm 8 inches
  Impeller Diameter: 406.4 mm 16 inches
  Sphere Size (max): 44.45 mm 1.75 inches
  Efficiency (@ operating point): 70 %
  Slurry Pump to Center Equipment Compartment:
    Rubber Discharge Hose: 152.4 mm 6 inches
  Within Equipment Compartment:
    Steel Pipe: 203.2 mm 8 inches
  Terminus of Dredge Piping (@ stern):
    Bolt Flanges: 254 mm x 12 10 inches x 12
  Slurry Flow Readout: Pressure Gauge w/ Liquid Filled
    Wafer Style Pressure Sensor
  Slurry Flow Readout: Toshiba (203.2 mm) 8 in. LQ400 Flow Meter
  Slurry Density Readout: Toshiba (203.2 mm) 8 in. LQ300 Density Meter
Auger Cutter
  Auger with Shroud - Welded Steel Construction:
  Two Helical Screws, Opposed Design:
    Diameter x Pitch: 304.8 mm x 254 mm 12 in. x 10 in.
  Length Over All: 3.05 m 10 feet
  Speed: Variable to 100 RPM
  Cutter Knives (optional): 34 detachable heated treated blades
  Cutter Torque: 6,400 in.-lbs. (peak)
  Treble Sheave Hydraulic Winch
  Wire Rope Diameter: 9.53 mm (3/8 in.) diameter 7 x 19, Galvanized Steel
  Traverse Speed: 0 to 60 FPM
  Traverse Speed (while dredging): Nominal form 0 to 12 FPM
  Traverse Cable Enclosure-entire length of Dredge (Easily Openable for Inspection), 1,829 mm
  (72 in.) above deck w/ mm (1,219 48 in.) minimum elevation above decks (Working Platform).
  Main hydraulic Pump Output
    @ 2,100 RPM: 72 GPM
  Hydraulic Relief Pressure;
    (Max. Continuous Rating): 5,500 PSI
  Hydraulic Pressure;
    (Peak)(slurry pump): 6,000 PSI
  Auxiliary Hydraulic Pump Output;
    @ 2,100 RPM: 47 GPM
  Hydraulic Relief Pressure, Auxiliary: 3,000 PSI
  Hydraulic Proportional Valve;
    Rated @: 3,000 PSI Minimum
  Reservoir Capacity: 227 liters 60 gallons
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