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24 inch Electric Cutter Dredge

24 inch Electric Cutter Dredge

This cutter head type dredge was built in 2005 and it was redone in 2010. The dredge was completely redone in 2014 and 2015 and includes a new GIW 24" x 24" pump. The dredge will be completed by 7/31/15 and it's last completed load line was done in 2005 and could be updated. It comes complete with side pontoons, centerline machinery unit, an electrical cable reel, a square bow, a notch stern with ladder, and a steel superstructure with the lever room and control room a top. Although not normally a portable dredge, the components can be disassembled for portability.

Located in The State of Florida, USA

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USD 6,665,000
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USD 6,665,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 51.80 m 170 feet
  Registered length: 40.54 m 133 feet
  Beam registered: 10.36 m 34 feet
  Depth registered: 2.13 m 7 feet
  Displacement tons: 425 long tons

The hull consists of five each individual pontoon units comprising each of two port

  and starboard pontoons. Additionally the hull is fitted with two centerline pontoons
  covered by the steel superstructure.
Main Pump  
  Make/Model: 24" X 24" GIW
    Suction Diameter: 609.6 mm 24 inches
    Discharge Diameter: 609.6 mm 24 inches
  Powered by GE Electric Motor:
    Power: 2,610 kW 3,500 hp
Ladder and Cutter Head

The ladder is constructed of steel " H" beam and angle iron.

  The ladder is maneuvered by means of electric over hydraulic winches.
    Ladder Length Over All: 22.00 m 72 feet
    Length of Extension: 3.00 m 22 feet
  Cutter Head Powered by GE Electric Motors (2):
    Power: 224 kW x 2 300 hp x 2

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