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24-inch Heavy Duty Dredger for Charter Only, Ellicott Superdragon

24-inch Heavy Duty Dredger for Charter Only, Ellicott Superdragon

This 24-inch Heavy Duty dredger is an Ellicott Superdragon.

Located in the state of Florida, USA

For Charter Only

Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All w/ladder raised: 47.30 m 156 feet
  Length, Hull: 34.60 m 114 feet
  Width, Hull, including side pontoons: 9.20 m 30 feet
  Depth, Hull: 2.44 m 8 feet
  Number of Pontoons (tanks): 5
  Plate Thickness of center pontoon: 8 mm 5/16 inch
  Dry Weight: 390,093 kg 860,000 lbs.
  Hull Draft, not including spuds: 1.68 m 6 feet
  Fuel Capacity: 60,550 liters 16,000 gallons
Dredging Capacities
  Dredging Depth (max.): 17.70 m 58 feet
  Swing Width @ min. Dredging Depth: 64.00 m 210 feet
  Swing Width @ max. Dredging Depth: 57.00 m 187 feet
  Main Engine:
    Make/Model: 16V4000
    Power: 2,000 kW 2,680 hp
    Cooling: Heat Exchanger
  Auxiliary Engine:
    Make/Model: 12V4000
    Power: 1,051 kW 1,410 hp
    Cooling: Heat Exchanger
  Including Standard Generator Set:
    Power: 3,163 kW 4,240 hp
Cutter Drive
  Power at Cutter Shaft: 559 kW 750 hp
  Cutter Speed: 0 - 32 RPM
  Cutting Diameter: 2,159 mm 85 inches
  Cutting Force: 14,969 kg 32,400 lbs.
  Diameter: 762 mm 30 inches
  Length: 21.70 m 72 feet
Pumping System
  Capacity Range of Pumping System: up to 1,500 cubic meters (1,800 cubic yards)
  Discharge Pipe Diameter: 600 mm 24 inches
  Suction Pipe Diameter: 700 mm 27 inches
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