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324 mm (12-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger Refurbished 2011

324 mm (12-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger Refurbished 2011

This 324 mm (12-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger was built in 1980 and was refurbished 2011.

Located in the Netherlands

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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built/Refurbished: 1980/2011
  Length Over All: 16.00 m 52 feet
  Max. Beam: 7.00 m 23 feet

Dismountable Parts:

  Dredge Hull:
    Length: 10.00 m 33 feet
    Beam: 3.00 m 10 feet
  Fore/Side Pontoons:
    Length: 2.50 m 8 feet
    Max. Beam: 3.00 m 10 feet
  Spud Pole Train Section :
    Length: 3.50 m 11 feet
    Beam: 3.00 m 10 feet
  Spud Poles: 324 mm 12 inches
  Spud Poles Length: 8.00 m 26 feet
  Total Weight: 32 tonnes LDT
  Capacity: 1,400 cubic meters/hr 1,831 cubic yards/hr
Machinery & Propulsion
  Main Engine:
    Make/Model: NIHARD
    Suction Depth (under water level): 5.00 m 16 feet
    Suction Pipe Diameter: 324 mm 12 inches
    Discharge Pipe Diameter: 324 mm 12 inches
    Make/Model: SCANIA / DS14
    Power: 313 kW 420 hp
  Propulsion: Twin screw
    Propulsion during dredging by means of towing in train to spud pole, 3 m (10 feet) per tow.

Towing by winch POCLAIN - pull power 1,250 kgs (2,756 lbs.).


A rail for 3 m (10 feet) towing is mounted in the spud pole hull (train).


All equipment was overhauled in 2011.

Cutter Head
  Make/Model: Hollandsche IJssel
  Power: 45 kW 60 hp

Suitable for clay, sand, peat, mud & white sand.


Cutter driven by separate hydroset powered by DAF 615 Turbo diesel engine.


Cutter hydraulics by separate hydraulic set.

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