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18-inch Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

18-inch Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

This 18-inch Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) was built in 2011 and has recently in 2015 had its bottom & sides blasted and painted, (after the photos).

Located in the state of Louisiana

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USD 1,570,000
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USD 1,570,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built: 2011
  Make/Model: DSC / SHARK SH-10300-56D-SP
  Length Over All (with ladder): 34.00 m 112 feet
  Width Over All (with side tanks): 9.10 m 30 feet
  Hull Depth: 1.50 m 5 feet
  Mean Draft (with fuel): 0.69 m 2.26 feet
  Spud Length (each): 19.35 m 63 feet
  Spud Weight (each): 3,904 kg. 8,607 lbs.
  Approx. Dredge Weight – Dry: 97.5 tons 215,000 lbs.
  Ladder Length with Cutter: 20.10 m 66 feet
  Hull (Three (3) piece Sectional Hull):
    Side Sections (2): 21.00 x 3.10 x 1.50 m 69 x 10 x 5 feet
    Center Sections: 12.20 x 3.00 x 1.50 m 40 x 9.8 x 5 feet
    Assembled Dimensions: 21.00 x 9.10 x 1.50 m 69 x 29 x 5 feet
Operating Conditions
  Digging Depth:
    Minimum: 1.50 m 5 feet
    Maximum: 17.00 m 56 feet
Main Engine
  Make/Model: Caterpillar / C-32 ACERT
  Power @ 2,100 RPM: 839 kW 1,125 hp
  The engine is equipped with Caterpillar premium gages, alarms and shutdown systems, and
  it includes hydraulic multi-plate transmission with electronic pump engage/speed control.
  Suction Diameter: 457 mm 18 inches
  Discharge Diameter: 457 mm 18 inches
  Impeller Diameter: 1,1176 mm 44 inches
  Nominal Flow: 650 liters/sec. 10,300 gallons/min.
Service Water Pump
  Make/Model: Goulds / 3756M
  Suction Diameter: 76.2 mm 3 inches
  Discharge Diameter: 63.5 mm 2.5 inches
Cutter Module
  Cutting Force: 77.3 kN 17,386 lb
  Operating Torque: 49,090 N-m 434,655 in-lb
  Cutting Force (per linear inch): 111 N/mm 632 lb/in
  Cutter Diameter: 1,092 mm 43 inch ID
  Shaft Diameter: 159 mm 6.25 inches
  Cutter Rating: 149 kW 200 hp
  Cutter Speed Variable: 0-29 RPM
Dredge Pump Reduction Gear
  Make/Model: REINTJES / LAF 444-3.522:1
  Ratio: 3.522:1
  Swing Winches:
    Make/Model: DSC / WN200 x 2 (Port & Starboard)
    Line Speed (1st layer): .38 m/sec 76.5 ft/min
    Line Pull: 66 kN 14,770 lbs.
    Wire Size: 19 mm 3/4 inch
    Drum Capacity: 176 m 576 feet
  Spud Winch:
    Make/Model: DSC / WN200
    Line Pull (bare drum): 99 kN 22,266 lbs.
    Wire Size: 16 mm 5/8 inch EIPS IWRC
    Type: Square
    Size: 609 mm 24 inches
    Length: 21.13 m 69 feet
    Weight: 5.73 tons 12,647 lbs.
    Fuel: 8,517 liters 2,550 gallons
    Hydraulic Oil: 1,136 liters 300 gallons
  Anchor Boom Winches: (Optional Equipment)
    Make/Model: DSC / WN100
    Wire Size: 14 mm 9/16 inch EIPS IWRC
Hydraulic System
  Independent electro-proportional circuits allow for simultaneous cutter, swing, and ladder
  operation. All circuits are protected by suction strainer, return filters and relief valves.
Electrical System
  24 VDC for starting lighting and controls
  12 VDC (8 amp maximum) for convenience and user furnished radios
  8 kW (11 hp) belt driven generator off auxiliary engine
  All circuits fused for protection
  Two 1,000 cold cranking amp batteries
  60-amp alternator
Control System
  The DSC LLC control system provides the dredge operator with a simple, ergonomic, and user
  friendly interface to efficiently operate the dredge. The system is designed, manufactured,
  programmed, and tested in house by trained professionals with years of dredge experience.
  The heart of the system is a PLC capable of monitoring digital and analog inputs, controlling digital
  and analog outputs, performing automatic loop control, displaying pertinent information, and
  recording historical data.
  The dredge control system protects against pump engagement and disengagement at high speed
  and locks out all hydraulic functions during start-up and control activation. The system also alarms
  on poor engine conditions, hydraulic and transmission problems, and high bilge water. All of the
  alarmed conditions, along with the time and date, are logged; the last sixty-four alarms are retained
  for review.
  The dredge control system provides electronic operation of the engine throttle, pump engagement,
  and all hydraulic speeds and directions. Hydraulic controls are ramped to prevent jarring when
  controls are started, stopped or reversed. The dredge control system also records and displays the
  operating hours of all major dredge systems.
Other Features
  Electronic proportional controls with PLC
  Fire extinguishers (2) 10-pound ABC
  Handrails and kick rail
  Early warning alarm and engine shutdown system
  Operator's chair w/ fingertip controls
  Replaceable edge cutter
  Hi-capacity service pump
  Lighting Package
  Lighted ring buoy
  Digging depth gage
  Bilge pumps - electric
  Dredge wash down system
  Flow & Density Meter
  Independent electro-proportional circuits allow simultaneous cutter, swing and ladder operation.
  All circuits protected by suction strainer, return filters, and relief valves.
  The controls in the lever room and the emergency lighting are operated on 24VDC service that is
  supplied from the diesel engines’ electrical circuit.
  The normal lights and air conditioning are powered by an AC hydraulic driven generator system.
  The electric circuits have fuses and switches for the different circuits.
  The Caterpillar Diesel engine has a 24VDC starter and control circuit. See the Caterpillar Operating
  and Maintenance Manual for more details about the engine electrical systems.
  All details on these pages are given in good faith and are believed to be accurate but no warranty of accuracy or completeness or suitability for purpose is either stated or implied. Prices are subject to change without notice.
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