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10-inch Electric Sand and Gravel Dredge and Plant Equipment

10-inch Electric Sand and Gravel Dredge and Plant Equipment

This 10-inch Electric Sand and Gravel Dredge is a Dixie Dredge and was built in 1968. This heavy duty 10” portable cutter suction dredge is designed for one-man operation with a production rate from 100 to 300 cubic yards per pumping hour at discharge distances of up to 4,000 feet, depending on materials and pumping conditions. As of March 17, 2016, the dredge is currently running and will run for about 5-6 weeks for anyone interested in seeing the vessel in operation. After that, it can be dismantled for transportation.

Located in the State of Michigan, USA

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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built: 1968
  Hull Center Section:
    Length Over All: 10.67 m 35 feet
    Beam: 3.05 m 10 feet
    Depth: 1.52 m 5 feet
    Weight: 58,000 lbs.
    The main hull center section, houses all the machinery and controls and is transported intact. 
    The assembly is all welded steel construction with sides, bottom, rakes, and ends of 1/4"
    plate, right angle seams are capped with angle.  4" channel longitudinal runners add
    4" H-beam framing on 24" centers form the rigid structural members of this heavy duty hull.
    The main engine, reduction gear, and main pump are all mounted on 8" I-beams

assuring permanent alignment during severe operation.

  Gantry Weight: 1,500 lbs.
  Total Assembled Dry Weight (approx.): 108,500 lbs.

1,740 cubic feet

  Draft (approx.): 0.71 m 2.32 feet
  Freeboard A(approx.): 0.82 m 2.68 feet
  Hull Side Sections:
    Length Over All: 1,016 mm 40 inches
    Beam: 1.52 m 5 feet
    Depth: 1.52 m 5 feet
    Weight (each): 14,500 lbs. x 2
    The two rectangular hull side sections are rigidly fastened to either side of the hull center
    section by the use of the unique Dixie hull side section connectors at the bottom, bolted at
    deck level.  These sections are constructed of 1/4" plate with 1/4" x 4" interior ribbing and
    are divided into three water tight compartments.  Quick opening man holes are provided for
    access to each bunker.
  Elevated Control Room:
    The lever room is elevated to give the operator 360 degree vision.  This completely separate
    compartment houses the one-man fingertip control console which includes all operating gauges
    such as hydraulic pressure gauge, main pump motor amp gauge, K-Ray meter, Jet pump amps,
    and Hoffer valve controls.  Swing winch, ladder hoist, rear winch, variable speed controls for
    swing and cutter circuits, motor starting/stopping with speed control, and emergency cut-offs
    are within easy reach of the operators position.  The forward windshield is raked to reduce
    glare and improve vision during rainy weather operation.
Main Dredge Pump Engine
  Make/Model: GE / HT-410
  Power @ 600 RPM: 298 kW 400 hp
    The main dredge pump is powered by a 400 hp, GE, 600 RPM, 2,300/440V, Type HT-410 slip
    ring motor with controls and resistor banks for 30% speed reduction, and a manual oil
    immersed primary circuit breaker.  This motor was just rebuilt.
Auxiliary Power
  Power @ 1,800 RPM: 93 kW 125 hp
    The auxiliary equipment is powered through hydraulic pumps by a 125 hp, 1,800 RPM,
    2,300/440V squirrel cage.
Fresh Water System
  Fresh Water Pump:
  Make/Model: Crane-Deming / 5063
    The fresh water pump (seal water for the main dredge pump) is a Crane-Deming 6 x 4 x 17,
    Model 5063.
Main Dredge Pump
  Make/Model: Thomas Simplicity
  Suction Diameter: 304.8 mm 12 inches
  Discharge Diameter: 254 mm 10 inches
    A heavy duty, 12” suction x 10” discharge Ni-Hard Thomas Simplicity dredge pump.  The pump
    is mounted with the center line below water level, thereby increasing operating efficiency and
    eliminating costly and time consuming priming procedures.  It is a fully adjustable pump of the
    highest quality.
Hydra-Jet Pump
    The dredge is equipped with a Thomas “Hydra-Jet” unit which increases pumping efficiency.
    This unit is powered by a Goulds 6 x 8 – 17, Form 3405 pump.
Ladder Hydra-Drive Cutter Head Assembly
  Ladder Length: 12.80 m 42 feet
  Width: 2.90 m 9.5 feet
  Power: 67 kW 90 hp
  Weight: 12,500 lbs.

The ladder is constructed of rugged structural steel with a length of 42 feet. 

    The hydra-drive cutter unit is mounted on the lower ladder section and is ruggedly
    constructed to provide long trouble free life.  The 90 hp unit is protected by a pressure

relief valve which prevents possible damage due to cutter hang-up or impact load.

    A Hoffer Valve (Suction Relief)  is installed, inline the suction tube to help prevent

pipeline plug-ups.  Fully automated or manual control.

Hauling & Hoisting Machinery
    The two swing winches, rear winch, and ladder winch are each independently powered
    by hydraulic motors.  These winches have a variable speed control and are rated at

30,000 pounds.  The hydraulic circuits are protected by pressure relief valves.

Hydraulic System
    The hydraulic oil system for transmitting power to the cutter and hauling machinery has
    three separate independent hydraulic circuits driven by the auxiliary electric motor.  All
    hydraulic pumps are direct driven and fitted with maintenance free flexible couplings.  A
    dual filtering system is included to insure long trouble free life of the system.
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