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Amphibex 400 Dredge

Amphibex 400 Dredge

This Amphibex 400 Dredge was originally purchased by the owners in 2014 and currently has 1,700 hours.  The amphibex 400 is specifically designed to operate in aquatic environments. Strong, versatile, and safe for the environment. The front stabilizers, equipped with detachable floats and rear stabilizers, give this machine its balance, stability, and mobility.

Areas of uses for the amphibex include: Cleaning and restoring waterways, cleaning ponds, controlling vegetation, creating wildlife habitats, installing water pipes, pipelines and underwater cables; preventing and breaking ice jams; developing peat lands. The amphibex has tilting spuds which enables to walk itself around without the need for a crane to get it in and out of the water body.

The dredger comes with one (1) rake attachment and one (1) excavator bucket attachment.  Two suction dredging attachments are available for an additional cost of CDN 155,000 each.

Located in Canada

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USD 781,250
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Make/Model: Amphibex / AE400E
  Max. Length: 10.85 m 35.7 feet
  Working Weight (approx.): 22 tonnes 24.25 tons
  Haulage Distance: 12.82 m 42.2 feet
  Haulage Width: 3.50 m 11.6 feet
  Haulage Height: 3.20 m 10.6 feet
  Speed (approx.): 5 to 8 knots
  Fuel Tank Capacity: 1,200 liters 317 gallons
  Vegetable based hydraulic Oil
  1- GPS
  1 - Discharge Hose: 254 mm x 2.01 m 10 inches x 6.6 feet
  1 - Spray Pipe
  1 - Air Conditioning System
  1- GPS
  1 - Navigation Lights
Main Engine
  Make/Model: Caterpillar diesel engine / C9
  Power @ 2,100 RPM: 261 kW 350 hp
Hydraulic System
  Max. Operating Pressure: 450 bar
  Hydraulic System Capacity: 500 liters 132 gallons
    Excavation Depth: 5.35 m 17.6 feet
    Excavation Radius (on  180 degree): 6.58 to 7.89 m 21.6 to 25.9 feet
    Standard Bucket: 500 liters 132 gallons
    Rake: 3.00 m 10 feet
    Stainless Steel hydraulic hard lines on Stick & Boom
    Make/Model: Hiab / XS 033
  Built in Air Compressor
  1 Digging Bucket & 1 Rake
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