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Rebuilt 24-inch Cutter Suction Dredge

Rebuilt 24-inch Cutter Suction Dredge

Currently being rebuilt in the State of Kansas, USA, this dredge is suitable for completion as a 24-inch (610 mm), 28-inch (711 mm) or 30-inch (762 mm) dredge. The rebuilding project includes:

  • The size of the suction pipe has been increased to 30-inches. Double jets with 2-inch (51 mm) nozzles have been added for increased pumping efficiency.
  • The two side pontoons have been lengthened and substantially strengthened from the original manufacturers design, providing additional flotation for the redesigned, heavier ladder.
  • The new ladder lifting frame has been substantially increased from the original to eliminate play between the pontoon ends, and providing increased lifting power.
  • The original ladder trunions have been replaced with new, substantially stronger ones.
  • The winches (two swing winches, one ladder winch, and two spud winches) are new, 44,000-pound hydraulic winches with new foundations. Replacing the old spud cylinders with winches allows stern cables to be deployed in lieu of using the spuds if desired.
  • The spud guides are all new and the connection of these to the hull has been hardened.
  • New fuel tanks provide 1,600-gallon (6,057 L) in four removable cells.

The hull and other structural work is essentially complete, however the pumping machinery has not been installed, pending owner selection.

Delivery time is approximately 9-months from date of order.

Located in the State of Kansas, USA

Dredge price depends upon machinery selection, but equipped as below: USD $ 5,450,000

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USD 5,450,000
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USD 5,450,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions
  Length Over All (with ladder): 36.58 m 120 feet
  Width: 7.92 m 26 feet
  Hull Depth: 1.52 m 5 feet
  Mean Draft with Fuel: 0.76 m 2.5 feet
  Ladder Length: 19.51 m 64 feet
  Weight (estimated): 125 tons 113 tonnes
  Total Fuel Capacity (4 tanks) 1,600 gallons 6,057 liters
Dredging Capacity
  Dredging Depth: 13.71 m 45 feet
  Minimum Dredging Depth: 1.52 m 5 feet
If greater dredging depth is required, the ladder can be extended for additional cost
Dredge Pump Engine
  Make/Model: EMD / 16V567D
  Power @ 900 RPM: 2,088 kW 2,800 hp
  Cooling: Heat Exchanger

Connected to dredge pump via air clutch with 30-each 8V belts. Drive pulley 21-inches (533 mm), driven pulley 65-inches (1651 mm)

Dredge Pump
  Make: GIW (Georgia Iron Works)
  Discharge Diameter: 610 mm 24 inches
  Suction Diameter: 762 mm 30 inches
  Impeller Diameter: 1,829 mm 72 inches
  Particle Clearance (spherical): 381 mm 15 inches
  Priming System Primed by the Jetting System
Auxiliary Pumps
  High Pressure for Dredge Pump Packing & Cutter Bearing:
    Make: Mission
    Size: 127 mm x 152 mm 5 inches x 6 inches
  Low Pressure for Engine Cooling:
    Make: Mission
    Size: 127 mm x 152 mm 5 inches x 6 inches
Both pumps driven by the main pump engine
Jetting System
  Make / Model: Pearce Foundry / Twin Jet 30
  Jet Pump Engine Make / Model: Caterpillar D398B TA
  Power (continuous rating): 615 kW 825 hp
  Jet Pump Size : 305 mm x 356 mm 12 inches x 14 inches
Cutter Head Module
  Cutter head Diameter: 54-inches 1,372 mm
  Power: 149 kW 200 hp
  Cutter Speed (variable): 0-20 RPM
  Number of Blades / Teeth per Blade: 5 / 12
Winches (5)
  Make / Model:  
  Line Pull (first layer): 44,000 pounds 19,958 kg
  Line Speed (first layer): 110 feet / min 33.53 m / min
  Wire Size: 19 mm 0.74 inches
  Drum Capacity: 229 m 750 feet
Available Spares (optional)
  Spare Main Pump Engine (EMD 16V567D)
  Spare Jetting Pump Engine (Caterpillar D398)
  Spare Dredge Pump Parts
  Spare Auxiliary Pump Parts
  Spare Hydraulic Components, etc.
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