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1/4 yard Amphibious Dredge

1/4 yard Amphibious Dredge

This 1/4 yard Amphibious Excavator Dredge is a model AE-12 and is a completely self contained system.

It is self powered and capable of operating on water or land, and transportable over land. It is capable of digging and transferring all types of silt, dirt and sand.

It is capable of loading and unloading itself from a truck and launching and retrieving itself from the water completely unassisted or with the sole assistance of its own winch.

It is capable of land transportation as a legal sized load without disassembly.

Flotation Barge: Rectangle barge, with no add on pontoons or protrusions, it is constructed of steel welded over internal framework. Twin pontoon hulls are unacceptable. External materials are 1/4" plate steel bottom, 1/8" plate steel top and 3/16" plate steel sides. Internal framework is made of 4" x 4" x 1/4" angle iron and square tubing. All internal and reinforcement materials or made of mild steel material.

Hull: The hull is watertight, fully tested, with an access cover topside near the stern. The cover is bolted in place and sealed to maintain watertight integrity. Four lifting eyes are located on the barge sides.

Located in the state of Illinois, USA

(3) Three attachments available at an additional charge: Weed Harvester, Chain Saw, and a Grapple

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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Hull Dimensions:
    Barge Length: 6.096 m 20 feet
    Barge Width: 2.62 m 8.6 feet
    Barge Height: 0.64 m 2.10 feet
  Over All Dimensions:
    Length: 9.14 m 30 feet
    Width: 2.62 m 8.6 feet
    Height (max.): 2.44 m 8 feet
    Draft: 0.55 m 1.8 feet
    Weight: 15,600 lbs.
  The excavator is center mounted on the barge and has infinite turning and working radius.
  It is equipped with a 12,000 lb. hydraulic winch.
  The cab is removable and fully enclosed with a removable front window and two sliding doors, one
  on either side and has an operator seat.
  It includes full instrumentation and joystick control levers that are located within easy reach of an
  operator in the seated position.
  Reach: 6.71 m 22 feet
  Swing: 360 degrees infinite
  Working Depths:
    Over Bow or Stern: 3.05 m 10 feet
    Over Sides: 4.27 m 14 feet
  Unloading Height: 5.79 m 19 feet
  Two working lights mounted to the cab.
  (3) Three Stabilizer Legs:
    (1) One forward and (2) two aft. The (2) two stern mounted legs are capable of moving vertically
    and horizontally; the bow mounted leg is capable of moving up and down.
    All (3) three legs operate independently of each other. During transport, the legs are capable of being
    folded neatly over the machine.
    The stabilizer legs are capable of lifting the entire excavator to a minimum height of 6' 6" to allow a
    transporting vehicle to pull under or away from the machine.
    The Stabilizer legs are each fitted with a pair of hollow, cylindrical wheels at the end. Each wheel
    measures 4' 3" x 1' 0". The wheels enable the machine to roll along the ground and provide extra
    flotation in the water. When lowered to the bottom, the wheels provide the necessary stability for
    safe excavating.
  Engine Type: Heavy Duty, 4 cylinder diesel engine with hood
    Power: 30 kw 40 hp
    Alternator: 50 amp
Hydraulic System
  Dual hydraulic pumps with relief valves and filtration system.
Hydraulic Reservoir
  Capacity: 204 liters 54 gallons
Hydraulic Cylinders
  Cross tie rod cylinders.
  Stainless steel 18/8 throughout.
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