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400 mm (16-inch) Italdradge Model CSD 400

400 mm (16-inch) Italdradge Model CSD 400

This dredger was built in 1990, and overhauled and upgraded in 2015. The cutter head module angle is hydraulically adjustable to achieve maximum depth and best efficiently at any depth. The digging spud is mounted on a traveler allowing the dredger to advance efficiently without having to "walk" the dredge forward at the end of every pass. The dredger is fully dismountable for transportation by truck, train, or ship.

Includes three cutter heads, two extra large pontoons and pipe for a dredging depth of about 18 m, two small pontoons and pipe for a dredging depth about 8 m

Location: The Netherlands

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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All 15.50 m 50.84-feet
  Beam: 5.70 m 18.70-feet
  Depth:: 3.50 m 11.48-feet
  Dry Weight: 110 Tonnes 121.25
  Tons Gross / Net 2641 / 908  
  Year Built / Rebuilt / Where Built 1990 / 2015 / Italy  
Component Dimensions
  Center Section    
    Length 1495 cm 49.05-feet
    Width 532 cm 17.45-feet
    Height 350 cm 11.48-feet
  Spud Carriage    
    Length 570 cm 18.70-feet
    Width 364 cm 11.94-feet
    Height 330 cm 10.83-feet
  Side Pontoons (4x)    
    Length 700 cm 22.97-feet
    Width 100 cm 3.28-feet
    Height 200 cm 6.56-feet
  Ladder Pontoons (for long ladder) (4x)    
    Length 800 cm 26.25-feet
    Width 150 cm 4.92-feet
    Height 200 cm 6.56-feet
  Ladder Pontoons (for short ladder) (2x)    
    Length 100 cm 3.28-feet
    Width 150 cm 4.92-feet
    Height 200 cm 6.56-feet
Dredging Capacities
  Dredging Depth as equipped.: 18 m 59.04
  Dredging Depth Maximum: 20 m 65.60
  Channel Width (depends on dredging depth) 30 m to 40 m 98-feet to 131-feet
  Cutter Torque: 101.512 Nm 74871 foot-pounds
  Pump Capacity A 650 RPM (Water) 3.300 m3/hr 14,525 Gallons/min.
  Pump Discharge Head (Max) 68 m 223-feet
  Discharge Distance (approx) 2000 m 1.24-miles
  In Hull Pump Engine    
    Make / Model Cummins / KTA38/M
    No of Cylinders 12  
    Rated Power 701 kW 940 hp
  Jet Pump Engine    
    Make / Model John Deere /
    No of Cylinders 6  
    Rated Power 186 kW 250 hp
  Hydraulic Power Engine    
    Make / Model Caterpillar / 3408
    No of Cylinders 8  
    Rated Power 272 kW 365
    Make / Model John Deere
    No of Cylinders 4  
    Electrical Power 30 kVA  
List of Repairs and Upgrades
  Overhauled Hydraulic system with new pump and valve blocks
  Oil Changes in Pumps
  Rebuilt Cutter Motor
  Rebuilt Cutter Reduction Gear
  Overhaul Main Dredge Pump
  Renewed Lighting
  Repaired and rebuilt winches
  New Winch Cables
  New Spud Carriage with hydraulic positioner and 2 New 12 m spuds
  New small pontoons for 8 m dredging depth
List of Available Cutter Heads
  1 x 7-bladed cutter head
    1 x 5-bladed cutter head (Vosta teeth)
    1 x 5-bladed cutter head (Vosta TC04)
  Rebuilt Cutter Reduction Gear
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