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26-inch Cutter Suction Dredger IHC 65DDSP

26-inch Cutter Suction Dredger IHC 65DDSP

This 26-inch Cutter Suction Dredger IHC 65DDSP is a dismountable non propelled cutter suction dredger built in 2013. The catamaran-hull consists of two side pontoons, one on port and one on starboard side which are interconnected by means of two special coupling pontoons. It is classified under survey of Bureau Veritas. The dredger has been laid up cold for about 2-years, but the owners run the engines periodically.

Location: Mexico

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USD 5,860,000
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USD 5,860,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built: 2013
  Classification Bureau Veritas
  Length Over All (ladder up): 60.60 m 199 feet
  Length Over Side Pontoons: 43.50 m 142.7 feet
  Hull Breadth Over The Side Pontoons: 12.44 m 41 feet
  Depth at Side: 2.97 m 9.7 feet
  Average Draught (with full bunkers): 1.95 m 6.4 feet
  Max. Dredging Depth: 18 m 59.1 feet
Machinery and Propulsion
  Main Engine
    Make/Model Caterpillar / 3516C series II SCAC
    Power @ 1600 RPM: 1825 kW 2447 hp
    Running Hours: 5,044 hours
    Bore: 170 mm 6.7 inches
    Stroke: 215 mm 8.5 inches
    Cylinders: 16 in V
  Auxiliary Engine
    Make/Model Caterpillar / C32DITTA ACERT
    Power @ 1800 RPM: 994 kW 1332 hp
    Running Hours: 6,492 hours
    Bore: 145 mm 5.7 inches
    Stroke: 162 mm 6.4 inches
    Cylinders: 12 in V
  Board Net Generator
    Capacity: 32 kVA
    Voltage: 230/400 Volt AC
    Frequency: 50 Hz
    Speed: 1500 RPM
  Capacities: 400 Ah each
  Voltage: 24 V DC
Hull Material
  Fuel Oil Tanks Capacity:: 84 cubic meters 110 cubic yards
  Dirty Oil Tank Capacity: 7.5 cubic meters 10 cubic yards
  Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 8 cubic meters 10.4 cubic yards
  Side Pontoons (2):
    Length: 43.50 m 143 feet
    Width: 4.67 m 15.3 feet
    Beam: 2.97 m 9.7 feet
Hydraulic Instillation
  Hydraulic Pumps:
    triple pumps of vane type
  Hydraulic Motors: 1 for Cutter Drive
    1 for Ladder Winch
    1 for each Swing Winch
  Spud Hoisting Cylinders (2)
    Stroke of Cylinder: 2.60 m 8.5 feet
    Spud Stroke each time (approx): 3.75 m 12.3 feet
  Spud Carriage Traveling Cylinder: 4.50 m 15 feet
Dredging Installation
    Make: IHC 20-CB-ACR-2220-550
    Shaft Power (continuous): 630 kW 845.1 hp
    Shaft Power (maximum): 700 kW 938.7 hp
    Time Restriction: 15 seconds
    Speed: ± 15-23-30 RPM
  Submerged Dredge Pump:
    Make: HR/MD 121-26-60 3-bladed
      Curve impeller, High Efficiency single
      walled, wear resistant, ladder mounted
    Speed: 601 RPM
  Suction Pipe
    Diameter: 650 mm 25.6 inches
    Wall Thickness: 12 mm .47 inches
  Discharge Pipe:
    Diameter: 650 mm 25.6 inches
    Wall Thickness: 12 mm .47 inches
    Diameter: 900 mm 35.4 inches
Deck Equipment
  Ladder Winch:
    Pull (first layer): 240 kN
    Hauling Speed (first layer): 0-24 m/min
    Wire Diameter: 36 mm 1.42 inches
    Drum Diameter: 762 mm 30 inches
  Swing Winches (2):
    Pull (first layer): 240 kN
    Hauling Speed (first layer): 0-23 m/min
    Wire Diameter: 36 mm 1.42 inches
    Drum Diameter: 762 mm 30 inches
  Deck Crane (electric)
    Hoisting Capacity: 40 kN
    Outreach: 5.1 m 16.7 feet
Auxiliary Equipment
  Gland Pump:
    Capacity: 65 cubic meters/hour 85 cubic yards/hour
    Manometric Head: 860 kPa
  Raw Cooling Water Pump of the Auxiliary Drive
    Capacity: 40 cubic meters/hour 52.3 cubic yards/hour
    Manometric Head: 150 kPa (self-priming)
  Fuel Oil Transfer Pump Set (electronically driven)
    Capacity: 1.4 cubic meters/hour 1.83 cubic yards/hour
    Manometric Head: 150 kPa
    Speed: 1450 RPM
  Portable Bilge Pump (diesel driven)
    Diesel Engine-
    Power: 2.2 kW 3 hp
    Speed: 2950 RPM
    Execution: Self-Priming
    Capacity: 30-15 cubic meters/hour 39-20 cubic yards/hour
    Manometric Head: 140 kPa - 180 kPa
  Engine Room Fan
    Capacity: 26,000 cubic meters/hour 34006.72 cubic yards/hour
  Foreside Anchors (2): 1500 kg each
  Foreside Wires (2): 150 m each 492 feet each
  Mooring Wires (3): 50 m each 164.1 feet each
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