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10-inch DSC "Barracuda" Swinging Ladder Dredger

10-inch DSC "Barracuda" Swinging Ladder Dredger

This 10-inch DSC "Barracuda" Swinging Ladder Dredger was built in 1995 by the Dredging Supply Co., the dredge last operated in 2007. Many changes from the original design with most for the better. Small amount of spares along with some consumable spares are available with this dredge. The dredge is generally in good condition and after assembly, with very little work, will be ready to dredge. The Dredge has a great noise suppression system installed. All maintenance records along with all operating and parts manuals are available.

Located in The State of Illinois, USA

Price for Dredger: USD $ 285,000

Approximately 6000 feet of 10-inch SDR 17 HDPE pipe, currently mostly in 300-foot sections with flanges on each end. Approximately 50% of the pipe is new: $ 5.00 per foot, or $ 30,000 for the lot.

Miscellaneous items, including a pipe fusion machine, pontoon boat w/ 35 hp outboard motor, pontoon boat with 50 hp outboard motor, and Miscellaneous spares and consumables: $15,500

Also available “en-block” with a 10-inch booster pump, File # 120328-CD (click link for details)

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USD 285,000
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USD 285,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built:      1995
  Length Over All (W/Ladder): 17.80 m 58.4 feet
  Width: 5.25 m 17.8 feet
  Depth: 1.22 m 4 feet
  Total Weight: 70,000 lbs
  Ladder Length: 10.67 m 35 feet
Hull / Lever Room
  Hull: All steel welded
  (5) Five Pontoon tanks
  (2) Two hinged & bolted side tanks with (2) Two additional non-standard fwd side sponsons tanks - 8’ L x 4 W’ x
  3' D (2.44 m x 1.22 m x 0.91 m) and (1) One center tank.
  Side tanks are connected to the center tank using bolts with brackets and large fwd hinges.
  Fwd tanks can be rotated fwd for use in the conventional swinging mode.
  The center pontoon tank has an open machinery space in the center along with a hyd oil tank, (4) Four wing
  void/ballast tanks and a 400 gallon (1,514 liter)fuel tank on each port & stbd side.
  All void/ballast tanks are entered through 18” (457.2 mm) single bolt manhole covers. Fuel tanks have bolt on
  covers entered from the machinery compartment.
  There is a small davit lift on the stbd side aft to hook up the stern hose.
  The lever room is of all welded steel construction and mounted on the fwd end of the center tank, with (2) Two
  standard weather tight type steel doors and several windows all around.
  Owner added air conditioner/heater unit was sighted.
  There is an operators control panel on the fwd dash that houses all necessary controls & gages to operate the
  dredge. There is a single vhf radio installed. Operators chairon a raised platform.
Ladder, Ladder Hoist and Cutter Drive Systems       
  Ladder: Is of all welded steel and is of the square tube structure type.
  The hydraulically operated cutter drive is mounted on the fwd or digging end and the ladder, the ladder hoist
  hydraulic cylinder and (2) two swing winches are mounted on the trunnion (or gimble) end of the ladder.
  The ladder is connected to the hull with a gimble arrangement to allow the ladder to swing independent of the
  dredge in swinging ladder mode.
  There is a suction hose between the ladder and the dredge center hull to transport the slurry to the suction side
  of the dredge pump. The ladder is raised and lowered by a single double acting hydraulic cylinder.
  Rod end is mounted to the gimble end of the ladder with the blind end attached to the fwd end of the center hull
  section. The ladder depth gage is of the mechanical type and is located on the aft (gimble) end of the ladder in
  in clear view for the operator.
  Cutter: Is a (5) five or (6) six blade serrated edge type.
  The swing winches are hydraulic motor driven and use ½” wire rope.
  Swing sheaves are of the closed snatch block type.
  This dredge can be set up for swinging ladder operation or conventional swinging dredge.
  Presently set up for swinging ladder using the swing winches and pulling from the fwd port & stbd side tanks.
Spud system
  There are (2) two 8” x 28’ (203.2 mm x 8.5 m) square spuds fwd and (1) one 8” (203.2 mm) square x 30’ (9.1 m)
  spud aft. All three spuds are normally lifted & lowered by independent single hydraulic operated winch using 1/2”
  wires. These spuds have been modified to be lifted and lowered by hydraulic cylinders.
  The aft spud is a kicker, or walking spud. With the aft spud in the full down position, a single double acting
  hydraulic cylinder pushes the spud aft to advance the dredge for the next cut or to walk the dredge to another
  digging position.
  The fwd spuds are only used in the swinging ladder mode, when digging conventional, these spuds are pinned up
  high or removed.
  Main Engine:
    Make/Model: Cat / 3406B
    Power @ 2,100 RPM 343 kW 460 hp
    Electric 24VDC started – hull channel cooled.
    Engine hours: 6,729
  Hydraulically operated Clutch: “TWIN DISC” (mod-MG5114, ratio 3:1)
  Clutch to Pump Coupling: ”APEX OMEGA“ (rubber insert)
  Dredge Pump:
    Make/Model: PEKOR
    Suction diameter: 305 mm 12 inches
    Discharge diameter: 254 mm 10 inches
    With (4) four vane 32” Ni-Hard impeller With (2) two individual thrust & line shaft bearings.
  Hydraulic Pump:
  One (3) section gear type hydraulic pump runs off the front of the engine through a “APEX OMEGA” flex coupling.
  Supplies all hydraulic systems: cutter drive, swing & spud winches and ladder hoist cylinder.
  Gland Service Water Pump:
  Is a “Peerless” pump 2” x 2”-12”. Pump is located below the front of the main pump engine and is belt driven
  off the front of the engine.
  Dredge 12" Suction Pipe & Hose:
  From the ladder mouth piece to the hull suction hose. From hose to pump suction.
  Dredge 10" Discharge Pipe:
  From the pump discharge down the stbd side aft.
  Engine Starting Batteries:
  (2) 8d size 12 volt batteries hooked to provide 24VDC.
  Hand rails, installed all around the dredge open deck, are of the pipe stanchion and two tier wire type, lower wire
  21” (533.4 mm) off deck and upper wire 42” (1,067 mm) off deck.
  There is a 2” (50.8 mm) deck kick plate below the bottom coarse of wire.
  There are removable chains at dredge access points port & stbd.
  There is a good walkway down the ladder with pipe & wire hand rails.
  Fire extinguishers, life rings or life vests are stored and available.
  All details on these pages are given in good faith and are believed to be accurate but no warranty of accuracy or completeness or suitability for purpose is either stated or implied. Prices are subject to change without notice.
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