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5,200 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge

5,200 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge

The vessel was built in 1979 in Japan and was converted to Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge in 2008 in China. The vessels Classification Society is CCS (China Classification Society) International and is ready for inspection and delivery.

Located in China

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USD 11,000,000
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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 135 m 443 feet
  Length Between Perpendiculars: 125 m 410 feet
  Molded Beam: 20 m 66 feet
  Molded Height: 11.050 m 36 feet
  Draft: 7.5 m 25 feet
  Cargo Capacity: 5,200 cubic meters 6,801 cubic yards

Ship Speed:

17.50 knots
  Classification Society: CCS (China Classification Society) International
  Service Area:


  Year Built: 1979
  Year Rebuilt: 2008
Dredging Capacity
  Maximum Dredging Depth: 30 m 98 feet
  Dredging Speed: 2 - 3 knots
  Loading Time: ~60 min
Main Engines (2)
  Power: 4,242 kW x 2 5,689 hp x 2
Harrows (2)
  Make/Model: DN650 ameliorate type harrow, high pressure

(9KG/cm3) (Weight of harrow: 10.5t/each; Q’ty 2)

Submerge Pump System

Submerge Pump: (Driven by motor, submerge centrifugal type single shell pump)

  Flow Capacity: 6,500 cubic meters/hr 8,502 cubic yards/hr
  Water pressure: 19 m 62 feet
  Revolution Rate: 360 r/min
  Shaft Power: 550 kW 738 hp
  Inlet/outlet diameter: 650 mm 26 inches

550 kW (738 hp) /690 V /50 Hz /IP68 /F Grade, 375 RPM (2 sets)

  Diesel Engine Power: 720 kW 966 hp
  Revolution Rate:

1,500 r/min (2 sets)


700 kW (939 hp) /690 V /50 Hz/150 r/min (2 sets)

Flush Water Pump

  Diesel Engine: Power Ne: 720 kW (966 hp), revolution rate n: 1,500 r/min (2 sets)

700 kW (939 hp) /690 V /50 HZ /1,500 r/min (2 sets)

  Flush water pump:

Q: 1,537.2 m3/h, H: 0.91MPa, n: 1,45 0n/min, ne: 453.5 kw (2 sets)

Flush Water Pump System


560 kW (751 hp) /690 V /50 Hz /IP68 /F Grade, 1,500 RPM (2 sets)

Bottom Door

  Whole: 2,100 mm 83 inches
  Move length: 1,000 mm 39 inches
  Bottom door cylinder: 220/125 x 1,000 mm (39 inches)

Newly installed 12 ameliorate type self-balance bottom door for discharge. Bottom door can close off in together or grouping. Each bottom door is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder, and can display and control in bridge room.

Dredging Device Generator Set


400 kW (536 hp) /440 V /60 Hz /1,800 r/min (1 set)

Dredging Monitor System


Newly installed dredging control system, has been equipped with display of hopper location, load draft device and dredging track inspect system, etc.

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