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5,500 m3 Hopper Dredger

5,500 m3 Hopper Dredger

This Dredger was built in December, 2008 and its Classification Society is CCS (China Classification Society). This vessel is a self-propelled trailing suction hopper dredger of full steel welded, streamline and round-bilge hull with twin screw, double rake, single deck, bulb bow and double tail fin. It can navigate in unrestricted navigation area and operate in coastal area.

Located in China

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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Length Over All: 105 m 344 feet
  Length between perpendiculars: 95.20 m 312 feet
  Molded Beam: 19.00 m 62 feet
  Molded Depth: 8.00 m 26 feet
  Design Draft: 5.20 m 17 feet
  Operating Draft: (under dredging condition) 7.24 m 24 feet
  Deadweight at Operating Draft: 7891.4 tons
  Maximum Dredging Depth: (below light draft) 27.00 m 89 feet
  Navigation Speed: 12 knots
  Complement: 30 P
  Classification Society: CCS (China Classification Society)
  Year Built: December, 2008
  Height Between Decks:
  Main deck - Poop deck: 3.00 m 9.84 feet
  Poop deck - Accommodation deck: 2.70 m 8.85 feet
  Accommodation deck - Boat deck: 2.70 m 8.85 feet
  Boat deck - Navigation deck: 2.70 m 8.85 feet
  Navigation deck - Compass deck: 3.00 m 9.84 feet
  Main deck - Forecastle deck: 3.00 m 9.84 feet
  Height of hopper hatch coaming: 3.00 m 9.84 feet
Main Propulsion Engines (2)
  Make/Model: G8320ZC2B / 3B
  Power @ 600 RPM 2,795 kW x 2 3,748 hp x 2
  Fuel type: heavy oil
Dredge Pump
  Type: Centrifugal type with single pump case
  Capacity: 10,000 cubic meters/h 13,080 cubic yards/hr
  Head: 30 m 98 feet
  Shaft power: 1,360 kW 1,824 hp

Diesel Engines for Dredge Pump: (2)





Power @ 500 RPM

1,125 kW x 2

1,509 hp x 2


Fuel type:

light diesel oil

Water Pump
  Type: High Pressure Jet
  Capacity: 2,000 cubic meters/h 2,616 cubic yards/hr
  Total Head: 100 m 329 feet
  Shaft power: 680 kW 912 hp

Diesel Engine for High Pressure Jet Water Pump: (2)





Power @ 1,500 RPM

900 kW x 2

1,207 hp x 2


Fuel type:

light diesel oil

Generator Set
  Diesel Engine for Generator Set:
  Make/Model: CCFJ396J-M10
  Power @ 1,000 RPM 400 kW 536 hp
  Fuel type: light diesel oil
Emergency Generator Set
  Diesel Engine for Emergency Generator Set:
  Make/Model: CCFJ120Y
  Power @ 1,500 RPM 120 kW 161 hp
  Fuel type: light diesel oil
Design Loading Capacity
  Mud loading capacity: 7,150 tonnes
  Light diesel oil: 230 tonnes
  Heavy oil: 310 tonnes (max. 446.1 tonnes)
  Lubricating oil: 15 tonnes (max. 72 tonnes)
  Fresh water: 150 tonnes
  Supply and stores: 20 tonnes
  Crew and baggage: 5 tonnes
  Food: 3.4 tonnes
  Slop: 8 tonnes
  Total: 7,891 tonnes
Dredging Performance
  Max dredging depth:
  The dredging depth is 27.0 m (89 feet)below waterline on the condition of light load when the angle between dredge pipe and water level is 45o .
  Loading time:
  The loading time is about 45 min when dredging medium fine sand of hardness below middle level and two racks operate together and the dredging depth is 27 m (89 feet). (To be final confirmed by the pump efficiency.)
  Throwing mud time:
  The throwing mud time is not more than 5 minutes using high pressure jet water.
Hopper Capacity
  Maximum hopper capacity: 5,500 cubic meters 7,194 cubic yards
  Maximum mud loading capacity: 7,150 tonnes
  The distance from liquid level to upper edge of hatch coaming is 600 mm (24 inches) (the highest position of overflow ladle).

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