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230703-DB 8-inch Swinging Ladder Cutter Suction Dredge - Ellicott 300 SL

Built in 2009 and purchased new in 2011. Highly portable swing ladder designed to work in narrow channels and small projects. One truck transportable. Maximum dredging depth of 15-ft and min depth of 2-ft 4-in. Width of cut at depth of 15-ft is 18-ft 3-in and at depth of 2-ft 4-in is 22-ft. Powered by a 375 hp John Deere Model 9.0L 6090HF070 Turbocharged Diesel Engine. Cutter has 6 blades and is 31.5 in in diameter.  Location: State of Florida, USA

USD 217,000
(USD 217,000)
230505-DH 6-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredger "Dino 6"

This 6-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredger was built in 2013, and has 3600 total runtime hours. It has been modified with longer and wider pontoons, a cab, and a transom which can hold 2 outboard motors. It has a new cutterhead, boom, and cable system that was used on 1 small job after it was installed. It is ideal for sediment removal from small bodies of water such as (for example) marinas, ponds, lagoons, canals and small lakes. Location: State of Wisconsin, USA

USD 94,500
(USD 94,500)
230400-DM Amphibious Combination Dredger / Twin Sisters Available

Classified for inland water use only. Equipment is suitable for use on land and in water. One vessel has operated for up to 400 working hours and the 2nd is new. The Vessel has a dredging depth of 6 m and a bucket size of 0.8 m3. Sand pump output diameter is 200 mm and has a flow capacity of 500 m3/hr. Auger head has an outer diameter of 450 mm. Vessels can be purchased separately.Location: Baltic

EUR 561,000
(USD 609,783)
230302-DH 12-inch Horizontal Dredge IMS 7012

IMS model 7012 Horizontal Cutter Dredger built in 2014. Reported to be in good working condition. The 7012 HP Versi-Dredge is a one-truck transportable hydraulic dredge with a dry weight of 47,700 lbs (21,636 kg). Dredging depth is 30-ft using Starwheel Drive System and 32.8 using Cable Drive System. Cutterhead torque is 23,885 in.-lbs. (2,969 N-m) @ 2,500 psi (peak) and Cutterhead tip force is 1,837 lbs. (8,171 N).  Location: India

USD 508,000
(USD 508,000)
221203-DH 10-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredger, IMS 4010

Built in 2002 in USA. Dredging depth of 6.1 m with a production capacity of 150 m3/hr. Discharge distance of 400 m. Hydraulic system pump is a Parker PAVC100BR46C3/PAVC65WB2R4A, a variable displacement, axial piston and a fixed displacement pump. Pump capacity is 100 gpm @2,000 psig. Cutter head has a diameter of 559 m and a length of 2.4 m. 10 inch submersible dredge pump is mounted directly behind cutterhead. 60 m of discharge hose and floats are included.  Location: West Coast of South Korea

USD 249,000
(USD 249,000)
221108-DB 20 inch Ellicott Dredge 1870

Built in 2019 by Ellicott. The series 1870 Dragon cutterhead dredge is a medium to large size dredge that is portable and can be transported by truck. It has a max dredging depth of 50-ft (15 m). Total installed power not including standard Genset is 1,755 hp (1,309 k). Power at Cutter Shaft is 250 hp (186 kW). Cutter diameter is 54-in (1,372mm). Cutting force is 14,900 lbs (6,759 kg). This dredge has been exposed to sea water most of its life. It has been sitting dormant and not been used for over 8 months. Location: State of Virginia, USA

USD 3,077,000
(USD 3,077,000)
221002-DH 10-inch Horizontal Dredge, IMS 3010

This 10-inch Horizontal Dredge IMS 3010 was built in 1998. A new Cummins engine was installed in 2008. Estimated hours on the engine is 500. In 2013, a new cutterhead was installed. Pontoons are rusted and will need to be replaced.  Location: State of Texas, USA

USD 45,000
(USD 45,000)
220905-DB 18-inch Cutter Suction Dredger

Includes 18-inch Cutter suction Dredger, workboat, house boat, pipes and floaters. Running hours is approximately 18,000 hours. The dredger was built in 2017. It has a length overall of 22.78 m and a breadth of 8.25 m. Draft loaded is 0.84 m. Dry weight is 60 TON. Max. dredging depth is 15 m. Production capacity is 400 m3/hr with a suction diameter of 500 mm and discharge of 457 mm. Cutter diameter is 1372 mm. The main engine is a Caterpillar - C3512 with 1280 hp.  Location: Bangladesh

USD 730,000
(USD 730,000)
220902-DH Crisafulli SD110

2010 Crisafulli SD110 w/full cab, Yamaha 115 4 stroke engine and trailer. Also includes trailer full of pipe - approx 500-ft. The dredger is a lightweight (9,000 pounds), small (25 x 8.5 foot) self-propelled pontoon hull.  Cutterhead is 102 inches, dredging depth max in 12-ft. Capacity of sludge processing is 85 yd3/hr. Discharge diameter is 6 inches and discharge capacity is 1,475 gallons per minute @ 123 feet of TDH (water). Engine is a Yamaha 115, 4 stroke.  Location: State of Iowa, USA

USD 169,000
(USD 169,000)
220809-DH 12-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredge IMS 7012

IMS model 7012 Horizontal Cutter Dredger. The 7012 HP Versi-Dredge is a one-truck transportable hydraulic dredge ideal for dredging rivers, small ports, canals, lakes, and small beach restoration. The 7012 HP is easy to operate, and its cutterhead design eats away a variety of materials such as sand, gravel, thick mud, light clays, and salt. Dredging depth is 30-ft using Starwheel Drive System and 32.8 usingCable Drive System. Nominal Pump Capacity is1,135 m3/hr. (1,475yds3/hr.). Total Solids Capacity is 284 m3/hr (371 yds3/hr). Runtime: 8,580 hours. Location: State of Louisiana, USA

USD 395,000
(USD 395,000)
220805-DR 8-inch Bucket Wheeler Cutter Dredger

Neumann built 8” Bucket Wheel Cutter Suction Dredger, non – self-propelled. It has twin variable speed slurry pumps installed in series, often saving the need for installation of a booster pump into the discharge pipeline. The vessel was completely re-fitted in 2014 during which the whole power system, electrical system, positioning system and the hydraulic systems were completely exchanged with the latest in in technologies. Other upgrades were done to the engine room, filtration systems, exhausts (changed to water cooled), floating lines, keel coolers and others. The quietness of this dredge allows it to work in sensitive areas.  Location: Australia

AUD 799,000
(USD 522,222)
220802-DB 750 mm (30-inch) Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) IHC Beaver 4600

The dredger is a dismountable cutter suction dredger and non-propelled and equipped with an anchor boom installation. The hull consists of six pontoons designed for simple and quick assembly and dismantling. The cutter is driven by slow-running hydraulic motors. The two spuds are each operated by means of a hydraulic ram. All winches are driven by slow-running hydraulic motors. The main engines and hydraulic installation are remote controlled from the dredge master's desk.  Location: China

USD 1,330,000
(USD 1,330,000)
220613-DU 4-inch Submersible Pump Dredge w/Jet Bar

EDDY Pump industrial Dredge Sleds are non-clog pumps designed for high solids industrial pumping applications. The patented pump technology outperforms all centrifugal, vortex and positive displacement pumps in a variety of the most difficult pumping applications. Features include non-clog, high viscosity, high specific gravity, high abrasive, low pH pumping design, transport 40-70% solids and ability to pump objects of up to 3.5 inches in diameter.  Location: State of South Carolina, USA

USD 267,000
(USD 267,000)
220609-DH 16-inch Cutter Suction Dredger NEW construction

The 16-inch CSD is reliable, fuel efficient and has low maintenance costs. This robust and highly productive dredger is equipped with state-of-the art technology. Max dredging depth is 10 m. It has a 16/12HG-II-(7)-850R-230 pump that combines high efficiency and a large ball passage to provide a high level of availability. The pump has a high efficiency coefficient (up to 85%). The pump is powered by a single diesel Caterpillar C -18 TA engine with 1000hp @ 1800rpm with a capacity of 2700 m3/h.

Location: Estonia

Price on request
220608-DH 8-inch Horizontal Cutter Suction Dredge Mud Cat 115D

Mud Cat 115D has max dredging depth of 15-ft with a 7-ft wide SolidsMaster cutterhead with a 17-in diameter. Cutter torque is 12,000 in-lbs and average cutting speed is 8-10 fpm. The slurry pump has a discharge of 8-inches, a closed impeller solids passage of 3.6 inches and an open impeller solid passage of 4.3 inches. Engine is a 124 hp John Deere 4045TFM85 4.5L Tier 3/Stage III A Platform. The dredge has a fuel capacity of 90 gallons. Overall length is 24.68-ft, width is 8.5-ft and draft of 19.5-in. Overall weight is 8,250 lbs. Dredge was purchased new by the current owner in 2019.  Location: State of New Jersey, USA

USD 260,000
(USD 260,000)
220607-DL 10-inch Swinging Ladder Dredge

Built in 1997 and rebuilt/refurbished in 2012, the swing ladder dredger has an overall length of 64-ft 4-in, a transportation width of 11-ft 10-in and an operating width of 18-ft 6-in. Mean draft is 30-in. Max dredging depth is 18-ft and min is 3-ft. The dredge pump has a suction diameter of 12 inches and a discharge of 10 inches. The impeller diameter is 30 inches. The nominal flow is 4,250 GPM @ 230-ft. A new pump shell was replaced in 2014.  Location: State of New Jersey, USA

USD 271,000
(USD 271,000)
220403-DW 8-inch Jet Suction Dredger, Container Shipable, New

The plain suction dredger is a demountable type. The design of the structure is simple, simple and sturdy in construction. The plain suction dredger is designed for efficient operation and easy maintenance. The hull consists of 3 pontoons: the main pontoon and two side pontoons with a simple and quick assembly and disassembly system. A diesel engine with gearbox drives the dredge pump. A second pump is installed for the jet function. The diesel engines are cooled by means of an open cooling water system. Location: Netherlands

EUR 150,000
(USD 163,043)
220313-DB 20-inch Cutter Suction Dredge, IHC 2600

The IHC Beaver 2600 was built in 2002 and is classified with the Italian Register. The dredge has a max dredging depth of 16 m with a 550mm suction and 500mm discharge. Power of the diesel engine for the dredge pump drive is 1566 kW (2130 hp). Power at the cutter shaft at approximately 30 rpm is 170 kW (230 hp). Location: Italy

EUR 1,250,000
(USD 1,358,696)
220306-DB 18-inch (450 mm) Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

The IHC Beaver 1200 C Cutter Suction Dredger was built in 2004. Prime mover is a Caterpillar 3508 (Top End 2020 ) with 620 kW. The engine has 37,000 working hours. The dredge pump is a 2016 IHC-1100-200-400. Aux power is a Caterpillar 3306 overhauled in 2019. It has 4,000 hrs. Max dredging depth is 10 m and can be increased to 12.5 m with ladder extension. Location: Latvia

EUR 805,000
(USD 875,000)
220304-DH 12-inch Horizontal Dredge IMS 5012-HP

Built in 2007, the dredge has 6,907 working hours. Self-Propelled with IMS patented Starwheel Drive. The dredge has a maximum dredging depth of 22-feet (6.7 m) with a discharge diameter of 12-inches (305 m) and a suction diameter of 9.75-inches (248 m). This durable hydraulic dredge is ideal for a variety of dredging applications such as canal, reservoir, and marina dredging projects.  Location: State of North Carolina, USA

USD 218,000
(USD 218,000)
220303-DR 900 mm 10,800 m3 Bucket Wheel Dredger (CSD)

Built in 1996 in Korea. this 2,525 GT dredger has a dredging depth of 6.5m to 30m. Capacity is 10,800 m3/hr and has a suction diameter of 950mm and discharge of 900mm. It has 2 spuds each with a diameter of 1000mm, thickness of 60mm, length of 45m and weight of 78 Ton. Main engines are 3 Wartsila engines with approx 17,000 hp and one main gen. engine with 4,410 hp. There are four deck cranes - 25 Ton, 16 Ton, 16 Ton(roof), 10 Ton. Location: Korea

USD 4,600,000
(USD 4,600,000)
220217-DG 24-inch Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD)

Originally built in 1969 and rebuilt in 2017. The dredger has total power of 4,000 hp. The engine is a Diesel modelo 16-645E marca EMD with 2775 hp and cutter power of 400 hp. Max dredging depth is 16m (52.5-ft) and min depth of 1.5m (4.9-ft). Dredge pump is a HDM 80-28x24-C with suction of 686mm and discharge of 584mm. Fuel tank capacity is 60,000 lts and water tank capacity is 45,000 lts.  Location: Mexico

Price on request
220211-DH 8-inch Horizontal Cutter Dredge Mudcat MC-15

This Mud Cat dredge is ideal for most horizontal auger dredge applications, including agricultural and industrial ponds, marina maintenance, canals, etc. The dredger is powered by a Detroit Diesel 6-71 RC/model 6030N) with 175 hp @1800 RPM. It has a dredging depth of 15-ft. Comes with 250-ft of 10" fixed HDPE pipe.  Location: State of Oregon, USA

USD 77,000
(USD 77,000)
220210-DB 16-inch Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) IHC Beaver 40

IHC Beaver 40 was built in 2018. Can be dismantled for easy transport. The dredging depth is 8m. The dredge pump is a IHC 900-175-350, single-walled and engine type is Caterpillar C18 TA Acert. Engine power is 483 kW @ 1800 rpm. Cutter type is a IHC Lancelot 955-50 with a diameter of 955 mm. Cutter drive accepts temporary overload, resulting in high maximum cutter power.  Location: Malaysia

USD 1,820,000
(USD 1,820,000)
220208-DB 600 mm Cuter Suction Dredger

Built in 2007 in Korea. The dredger has a capacity of 400m3/h with a dredging depth of 16m. Suction pipe diameter and discharge pipe diameter are 600mm. Main power is a NIIGATA 6L32CLX engine with 2,580hp @ 650 rpm. The generator is a NIIGATA 6L20AX with 750 hp @ 900 rpm. Location: South Korea

USD 650,000
(USD 650,000)
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