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230400-DE Amphibious Combination Dredger / Twin Sisters Available

Classified for inland water use only. Equipment is suitable for use on land and in water. One vessel has operated for up to 400 working hours and the 2nd is new. The Vessel has a dredging depth of 6 m and a bucket size of 0.8 m3. Sand pump output diameter is 200 mm and has a flow capacity of 500 m3/hr. Auger head has an outer diameter of 450 mm. Vessels can be purchases separately. Location: Baltic

EUR 561,000
(USD 609,783)
230203-DG 16-tonne Floating Crane and Grab Dredger

Floating Crane built in 1989 with major repair to engines in 2021. The barge was built in 1990. Registered as Germany (ZSUK)"Unionszeugnis" gültig bis 27.10.2025. The barge is 32.0 m in length, 14.30 in width and has a depth of 3.0 m. Overall height is 9.20 m.The cranes is a Weserhütte W320 Caterpillar 6TB00262 215kW @ 2100 U/min. with a capacity up to 16 tonnes. Grabs for dredging are 5 m3 and 7 m3. Location: Germany

EUR 477,000
(USD 518,478)
230103-DG 15 m3 Duty Cycle Bucket Dredge and 4000 cu/yd Dump Scow

The dredge hull was built in 1999. The crane was built in the 1960’s and had a complete rebuild 2021 and 2022. The dredge is a conventional configuration, all welded steel construction, single skin, non self-propelled deck barge which is outfitted for dredging operations. The vessel is set up to be worked on (3) spuds, or using the four point anchor mooring system. Max dredging depth reported to be 100’. The crane is a fixed base rotating Clyde model 28-DE-65 diesel electric powered whirley crane. The dump scow is a conventional configuration, all welded steel construction, non self-propelled split hull dump scow, built and maintained by ABS class requirements for unrestricted service.  SALE OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. ONLY. SALE TO THE WEST COAST OR GREAT LAKES MAY BE CONSIDERED WITH RESTRICTIONS. Location: State of New York, USA

USD 11,700,000
(USD 11,700,000)
220701-DG 4 m3 Grab Bucket Dredger w/ Liebherr HS 853 45-tonne Crane

Liebherr HS 853 HD excavator powered by V 8 cylinder diesel engine with a power rating of 400kW @ 1900 rpm. The crane has a max boom length of 29.0 m and min length of 11.0 m. Max capacity is 5.1 T @ 28.0 m reach. Bucket capacity is 4.0 m3. The barge is 28.0 m in length and has a breadth of 11.0 m. Max draft is 1.0 m. It has Two spuds each 20m in length with diameter of 700 mm. Built in 1979 and refurbished in 1997. It has approx. 18,400 operating hours.  Location: Germany

EUR 442,000
(USD 480,435)
220601-DE 4.5 m3 Hitachi EX1900-6 Excavator Dredger

The Hitachi EX1900-6 has a dredging depth of 18.5 m, a bucket capacity of 4.5m3 and 810 kW power. The dredger has a 3 spud anchoring system with one of the spuds being a tilting spud. The dredge has a length of 36.5 m, breadth of 14 m and draught of 2.5 m. The dredge was built in 2018 in Korea and is registered in Panama.  Location: Signapore

USD 5,920,000
(USD 5,920,000)
220226-DG 8 m3 Grab Bucket Dredger

646 Gross Ton dredger was built in 1979 in Japan. The crane is a SKK 808GDT-A with a dredging depth of 48m. Bucket size is light : 8m3 / Heavy : 5m3 and Rock breaking hammer of 25 Ton. Main engine is a MITSUBISHI S12A-MPTK with 910 HP x 1,900rpm.  Location: South Korea

USD 830,000
(USD 830,000)
220225-DG 13 m3 Grab Bucket Dredger

Built in Japan in 1982, the dredger has a SKK 16013 GDT -A crane with a dredging depth of 50m (164-ft). The bucket is a light : 13m3 (40 Ton) / Heavy : 8m3 (45 Ton). The Rock Breaking Hammer capacity is 40 Ton/50 Ton. Gross tonnage is 2,098.  Location: South Korea

USD 2,450,000
(USD 2,450,000)
220207-DG 15 m3 Grab Dredger

770 GT Grab Dredger built in 1979 in Japan. It has a length of 49.94 m, breadth of 19.0m and depth of 3.5m. The spud is 38m. The SKK-16016 GDT-B crane has a24m boom and can dredge to a depth of 50m. Hoist speed is 65m/min. The bucket is 15m3 x 45 Ton (Light) and 8m3 x 60 Ton (Heavy). Also includes a 45 Ton rock breaking hammer. The engine is a NIIGATA 6L28BX, 1600HP x 720rpm.  Location: South Korea

USD 2,450,000
(USD 2,450,000)
220206-DG 16 m3 Grab Dredger

This 758 GT Grab Dredger was built in 1979 in South Korea. It is classed KST. It has a SKK-13016GDT-A crane with lifting capacity of 100 Ton(60°) at 24.4m ~ 48.0m, 136 Ton(80°) at 12.7m ~ 25.30m. The max dredging depth is 50m with a dredging capacity of 290m3/hr. Bucket capacity is 16(Light, 45ton) / 7.5(Heavy, 60ton). The engine is a MITSUBISHI, S16N-MPTK, 1620PS x 1800 RPM No.0063, 16 cylinders. The dredger has a length of 50m, breadth of 19.0m and depth of 3.5m.  Location: South Korea

USD 3,370,000
(USD 3,370,000)
220205-DG 10 m3 Grab Dredger

Built in 1982 in Japan. The dredger has a SKK-1008GDT-A crane with a dredging depth of 40 m. Bucket capacity Light is 10m3 (25 Ton) and Heavy 6m3 (30 Ton) and two 35 Tom Hammer. The dredger has 2 23m spuds. The length is 41.31m, breadth is 16.0m and has a depth of 3.0m. The engine is a Mitsubishi S12A-MPTK 1,200PS x 1,800RPM.  Location: South Korea

USD 1,430,000
(USD 1,430,000)
220204-DG 8 m3 Grab Dredger

318 Ton Grab Dredger built in 1986 in Japan. The dredger's Class is KST. It is 33.62m in length and 16.0 in breadth and depth of 3.0 m. It has a SKK-1800GDT-A with a max dredging depth of 40m. Bucket size is Light 8m3 and Heavy 6 m3. Hammer (2) is 28 Ton. Engine is a MITSUIBISHI S6N-MPTK.  Location: South Korea

USD 1,225,000
(USD 1,225,000)
220203-DG 8 m3 Grab Dredger

The 394 ton Grab Dredger was built in 1989 in Japan. The crane is a SKK-1508GDT-F with a dredging depth of 40m. Bucket size is light 8m3 (25 ton) and heavy 5m3 (30 ton). Lifting capacity is 40 ton, 400m3/hr. Engine power is 1310hp x 1800 rpm. The dredger has a length of 36.48m and a breadth of 16.0m.  Location: South Korea

Price on request
211209-DT 0.5 m3 x 75 Bucket Ladder Dredger 800 m3/hr

Built in 1986 in Japan. This dredger has discharge system of Port/STBD Conveyor Systems (1.7mW x 15.6 mL) x 2 sets. Dredging depth is min -6.0 m - max -18.5 m and a width of 60.0 m. It has 2 spuds that are 1,100 mm diameter and 38.0 mL. GT is 1,939 and NT is 582. Length Overall is 72.46 m, breadth of 14.60m and a draught of 3.0m.  Location: Southeast Asia

USD 830,000
(USD 830,000)
210910-DG 6 m3 Grab Bucket Dredger w/ Mitsubishi 8DC-61C Crane

6 m3 Grab Bucket Dredger was built in 1988. The dredge has a length of 33.62 m, a breadth of 16.0 m and depth of 2.50 m. The crane is a P & H FD600 with a capacity of 85 tons. Boom length is 32.0 m. Dredging capacity is 480 m3/h. The main engine is a 230 hp Mitsubishi / 8DC 61C.  Location: Western Mediterranean Sea

EUR 270,000
(USD 293,478)
210909-DG 6 m3 Grab Bucket Dredger w/ Mitsubishi S6N-MPTA Crane

6 m3 Grab Bucket Dredger was built in 1976. The dredge has a length of 33.62 m, a breadth of 15.0 m and depth of 2.50m. The crane is a SKK 570 GDX-F with a capacity of 100 tons. Boom length is 28.0 m. Dredging capacity is 570 m3/h. The main engine is a 145hp Mitsubishi / S6N-MPTA. Location: Western Mediterranean Sea

EUR 270,000
(USD 293,478)
210906-DE 4 m3 Power Shovel Type Excavator Dredger

The dredger was built in 1977 in Japan. It's classifications is Russian River Register (O-PR 2.0 (Ice 20) and has a navigation area of < 20 miles from a shore. Its dredging depth is 3-20m. Total power is 1530 kW. Gross tonnage is 1,099 and Deadweight is 400t.  Location: Baltic Sea

USD 1,786,000
(USD 1,786,000)
210802-DT 750 m3 Per Hour Bucket Ladder Dredger

This Chain Ladder Dredger was built in 1975 in Germany. It has a capacity of 750 m3/h. It is classified as RRR (Russian River Register) KM*L2 R3-AUT2 EPP Dredger and can navigate 200 miles from shore.  Location: North-West Russia

EUR 3,575,000
(USD 3,885,870)
210704-DG 8 m3 Mitsubishi Clamshell Dredge With 25-tonne drop hammer

Dredge was built in 1988 in Japan and last went into docking for repair in 2019. The crane is a SKK 80 ton with a 38m boom length. Dredging depth (under water) is 50 m. The sand bucket has a capacity of 8m3 with a load of 20 tons. The heavy bucket has a capacity of 4m3 for a load of 35 tons. There are 2 rock crushing drop hammer weights - 25 ton and 20 ton. The dredge is powered by a Mitsubishi engine with 910 ps @1900 RPM. Location: Korea

USD 466,000
(USD 466,000)
201008-DG 8 m3 Clamshell Dredge with Rock Crusher

Built in 1988 in Japan this dredger has a TKK DKG 65 L crane with a lift capacity of 80T. The boom length is 23 m. Includes 2 buckets - an 20 T (8m3) sand bucket and an 35 T (4m3) heavy bucket. Dredge also has 2 stone crushing rods - 25T and 20T. Powered by a Mitsubishi with 910 PS X 1,900 RPM. Location: Korea

Price on request
200902-DG 60 m3 & 40 m3 Grab Dredger For Charter

This dredger is the first engineering vessel accredited by China Classification Society for unlimited navigation area. The vessel is driven by propellers and equipped with two 360 ° rotary cranes, mainly engaged with wreck salvage and dredging, with a prominent advantage over its competitors in the industry of deep-water salvage and dredging.  Location: Persian Gulf

Available for charter
200705-DE Excavator Dredger based on P-984 Excavator

Built in 1966. The pontoon is 40 m (131.2-ft) in length, 9 m (29.5-ft) in width with a max flotation depth of 1.0 m (3.6-ft). The ponton has 3 spuds with a length of 17 m each. Pontoon is reported to be in good condition. The excavator has one trenching bucket of 1.5 m3, with a width of 2.5 m. The excavator currently is equipped with a 4.6 m arm and the digging depth is max 10 m - view documents.   Location: Germany

EUR 580,000
(USD 630,435)
200704-DE Excavator Dredger based on P-944 Excavator

Pontoon F 600 with Pontoon Excavator P 944. Excavator has 2 buckets - 5.6m3 and 2.1 Pontoon length is 22.0 m (72-ft), width of 7,48 m (24.5-ft) and max flotation depth of 1,10 m (26-inches). Spuds has a length of 8.5 m (28-ft) however there is a 2m bolt in section that extends the spud length to 10.5 m (34.5-ft). Pontoon is reported in good condition.  Location: Germany

EUR 312,000
(USD 339,130)
200515-DG 13 m3 Grab Bucket Dredge, SKK16013GDT-A

Built in 1987 in Japan, the dredge has a SKK-16013GDT-A crane with a 31.2 boom length with aux length of 4.0 m. Digging depth is 50 m. The crane has lift capacity of 160T. It is powered by a MITSUBISHI / S16N-MPTK engine with 1700 hp. The dredge has 2 32 m spuds and an additional travel spud of 30 m. Location: Japan

JPY 154,000,000
(USD 1,022,644)
200101-DE 8 m3 Excavator Dredge

Built in 1983 in the Netherlands, this Excavator Dredger includes three implements - 8 m3 bucket, a 4 m3 bucket and a ripper. The dredger has a max dredging depth of 18.5 cm (60.7-feet) and a deck capacity of 6 ton/m2 with a load of 500 tons. Location: Baltic Sea

EUR 1,950,000
(USD 2,119,565)
190700-DG Clamshell Dredge with 4 m3, 5 m3 and 8 m3 Grabs & 1650hp Tug

The Clamshell Dredge was built in 1984 and last drydocked in 2015. Suitable for extraction of dredging spoils & transfer to barges Includes 4 m3, 5 m3 and 8 m3 Grabs.  The 1,650 hp Single Screw Harbor Tug was built in Port Arthur, Texas in 1961 and rebuilt in 1986. Class: ABS. In very good condition & under continuous plan of maintenance. Location: Caribbean

USD 3,000,000
(USD 3,000,000)
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